Dec 31, 2010


2011 Kangei,sayonara 2010
hahahaha dh p0wn msowk new yer pkul 12 am,,thn nie aq x celebrate p0wn new year hurmm bored btowl maybe sbb tuh aq rse moody kowdd lagi stu tnggl lah kngn manis 2010...huhu sedeyh nye T__T tpy xpe aq akn buat 2011 niey lbeh hangat,lebih ceria,lebih fun n joy,,,wahhh mzty best drpd 2010...psal kngn pahit 2010 aq xnk igt itu akn mmbuatkan aq rse sedeyh,mrh,malu p0wn ade....hurmm lpekn jelah kngn pahit ituh dn aku akn buat terbaik utk thn baru nieyh,,,
well thn niey aq nk jadi "kind" girl that i've ever been before n aq xnk dh buat bnde2 xberfaedah yg boleh mndtgkan dosa...hahaha ayt aq xley blaa doe..papep0wn Happy New Year...sorry smlm kol 12 am x smpt nk update coz busy..huhu~~igt kan nk update but ntah mls kowdd...smlm p0wn aq tdo lewat gyle kowdd...hahaha aslkan aq bahagie..ngee ~~ =D
smlm aq adew tgk cite yg Que Haidar brlakon jadi gothic tuhh...perghh gig diowunk mmg bez gyle kowdd dlm cite tuhh...aku suke gig tpi aku rse thn nie aku nk lpekan gig or whatever yg bnde gile2 nieyh...i want to repent..wahahaa aku jadi bdk "baik"..damn it ...opppsss terlepas plax....pape r,,
hari isnin nie aq xsbr gyle nk gi tbss utk kali terakhir aku at sne...huhu~~ bez-bez,,,,papep0wn jnji aq bhagie n ceria..thn nie aku xnk sedeyh,xnk dh mlz nk sedeyh2 psal bnde xberfaedah...hurmm bkn azam tpi smgt...aku xnk psang azm towk thn 2011 nie sbb tkut kecundang,,,hurmm so i juz adew spirit terlebeyh tuk thn nie....aicehhh lebeyh2 plax,,,huhu~~


i want to wear braces for nex's not for trend but i really need it...hurmm tpi 2 in 1 ape slhnye,,stu keperluan n satu trend utk rmj2 zmn sekarang...wahahahahaaa,,,,
i want pink favourite colour for 2011 pink,black,red,white
ngee ~~ =)

No Shamed!!

especially to girls..hellow don't you ashamed ask couple from boys,,don't have pride??hurmm wat if the boys rejected you???hurmm what u have to do is juz get the attention from boys not askin them to be yours!!hellow girls wake up....hurmm whatever it's ur bussiness not mine..ouh yup don't be hurt feeling coz it's juz an advice for my fren only..hurmm yg at luar sana yg xknl i so shut up n close ur mouth...diam2 suda,,,this advice for whom i know i mean my frenz only....yg xknl i tuhh juz stay quietly...ty

LooserS WordS!!

Baby,I wanna Be You Girlfriend



Dec 30, 2010

2011 Kangei...sayonara 2010

i'd so many sad and happy memories in 2010,,,well for 2011 i juz want the best for me n my family so tonight whole world will celebrate new year so have a happy party!!i feel like i don't want to talk much coz i'm moody...yeah i know we should be happy not sad but i juz can't stand n i really moody rite now =(  i juz donnow..i'd no mood T__T to talk about 2011 so let's change topic n it will make me feel better....=)


i'm in dilemma whether smt or naning,,,but i'll choose the best for me and i'll follow daddy's choice bcoz it's for my future...and one more smt is goin to be college nex year i think one world know bout it...well i think i'll school at smt if i get into it...hurmm juz pray for me babe,,,
urmm now my dilemma is over,,,

Malaysia Vs Indonesia

kat sini semua orang taw yang malaysia mng wlaupun klh at indonesia,,,urmm kau tgk tak mke indonesia mcm mne???frustrated gile seyh,,,tapi malaysia ni melampau gak aku tengok sbb smbutan meriah gile2 klau mng nan brazil xpelah jugak ini indon alahhh pe class,,,,aku bkn nk kutuk tapi sambutan tuh jgn lah besar-besaran sgt x mmbazir kew??pastuh trlmpau berlagak sgt...atoyai org2 malaysia nieyh,,,,hurmm yg maen at indon tuh defends malaysia mcm tah pape r...yelaaa indon dpt bola bknnye nk rebut ke or hlg diowunk,,,haisyyyhh...ntahlah aq mlz nk ckp psal bnde nieh...baek aku ckp psal bnde laen,,,,

No Way!!

today my grandma come back home wif pakngah but pakngah juz dropped by for awhile then he went back to kl at 7.30 pm...well i juz want to write a new post this evening but i can't coz i'm afraid my computer will hang so my intention had vanished...after my bro had left home juz now so i juz grab his laptop then i used it...ngee~~
he left home for futsal and tomorrow he will be goin to pahang for futsal friendly,,,hurmm he alwayz busy with his own world it is futsal doang!!!oopppss b.indon terkeluar deyh!!!hwaaa...hwaaa = D
hurmm tergendala skjp bagi kucing2 mkn,,,,
okayh smbung cyte...smpai mne eak???
this morning i watch tv at 9 pm....Is Save The World!!zapp!zapp!
that story was so best and the best ever,,,actually i'd watch it before and this is the second time
well who had watch it so u know how the story begin and end...
ouh afer i watched the story i take a bath for 30 mins,,then my mommy ask me to clean the house because my lord on the way home,,,so ape lagi aku and sis aku kemas rumah,,,huhh so exhausted u know!!tapi berbaloi sbb aku puas hati,,,hurmmm actually my lord tuh is my grandma i call her puan,,,hurmm she is juz like queen in the house,,,although she isn't a modern person but her brain is more modern than ur grandma,,,don't take it serious i just joking lorhh!!

Dec 29, 2010


hurmm aku teringat plak memori aku waktu tmpt tusyen,,,firz aku msuk bln 4 kowdd lepas knl faten huwaini,,,mommy aku anta tyme free klau x mama faten anta kitowunk,,,ary jmaat je kitowunk naek bas mse nk pegi tusyen!!firz tyme aq msowk tmpt tuh kekok gile yela bdk baru lah ktekn,,,the i heard someone talk bout me(kutuk),,,hurmm saba jeee ...but dh lme2 tuh aq rse okayyy,,,wndu lax at cekgu tusyen especially c.zul n madam suzie,,,hahaxx
at kls tuhh aq kire pndai lah gak(aicehh)n faten,,,aq n faten kire popular lah,,,sbb kitowunk pndai BI,Math,Science,,,huhu~~pape hal mzty diowunk tnye aq n faten huawaini,,kan faten??tpy pmr bi and science B but math aq A,,,hwaaa thanx to God,,,heeee
hurmm part yg pling bezz gile aq rmai kwn n part yg pling hate ade bdk dua org brlgk pndai,,,hurmm faten kte aq angguk jew,,,actually aq igt faten ske kwn nan diowunk so aq xde ckp pape ble aq tzw faten x ske mlelah aq ckp yg aq xske diowunk sjk awl aq msowk tusyenn,,,
pastuh faten ni adew sowunk kwn baek aq knl dye p0wn mcm tu jew,,,wktu faten n wawa gi jmpe bdx tuhh aq juz standing jaoh2 drpd diowunk sbb malu doe...bkn pompuan but boy,,humm nme dye syamim!!pastuh dye tny faten apehal aq diri at situ sowunk2,,,hurmm ske aty aq lah nk diri at tpi jmbtn ke,at tepi sungai ke itu hal aq,,,
ble dh lme knl bru aku okey nan dye,,,suddenly we become best fwenz tpy xrpt mne,,,hurmm dye tuh okey lah not bad!!sorry guys i don't have his pix...huhu~~aq n faten gi jmpe dye mse tuh aq dowk tgk cermin jeww pastuh dye complain asyik tgk cermin jew xde keje laen ke??issshhh kann aq ckp ske aty aq lah,,,pastuh dye split on the ground aq rse nk mnth doe,,,pngotor btowll,,ble dye dpt taw aq gli lagi dye buat..ewww sooo jerk aq xske org split dpn aq,,,uwekkk!!mrh pdm mke aq dbuatnye...dh lh kurus mkn nasi bbnyk p0wn still kurus..hahahaxxx!!!!
faten slalu ckp dye tuh gile sbb taip msj tunggang langgang ayt cm kelling jeww,,,,hahaxx ksian ko syamim kne kutuk...but i agreed,,,lalalala =P
bez r gax kwn nan dye..but ttbe dye xdtg tusyen,,lme xtaw ape dye uwt at umh,,,faten ckp dye tlong ayh dye....dye tuhh kire rajenlah gakk...
dye klau kne puji mzty dye nk ngaku,,,isk,,,isk,,,
okay smpai sini jew cite aq psal memontary tusyen!!=D


early in the morning as usual my bro will wake me up to lock the door but today i'm not coz i saw my mommy and daddy had arrive at home so i quickly went to bed again and sleep soundly,,,hwaaaa...hwaaa
urmm at 5 p i goin out wif my family except my bro he stayed at home alone,,,we went to the mall to buy everything we need for,,,,i juz want to buy something for me but it isn't there klau de p0wn not pretty and cheap =P,,,so i don't buy anything!!we went home at 8.15 pm and my father busy want to perform to complete his prayer so we were rushing home....i don't had time to buy something for me at EMS,,,,after we arrived home we saw someone coming so tha's mean my bro din't stayed home alone,,,,after that my family watching tv channel donnow but what i know is they are watching football(malaysia VS Indonesia)i juz watch it for awhile then i opened the pc and sign in to my lovely blog,,,ngee =P
hurmm when i want to post this suddenly my pc were hang then i use my bro laptop,,,diam2 suda!!

take a deep breath all
i ask my daddy that i don wan to school at smt

Me : urmm dad can i change school from smt to naning??
 Dad : hurmm no you can't,,,you make me feel dizzy....i have confirm with this teacher to help you to get into that school now you've changed ur mind,,,say truthly u want to school at smt or naning??
Me : ouh really,,urmm if like that i want to school at smt if i didn't get i want to school at naning,,okay??
 Dad : okay,,,,

then my daddy ask me did i know what is programming computer??What will you figured out??then i said i know it's about how to make a new software and reka a new computer that can understand what we will say and many2 things,,,,hurmm that my ans to my daddy,,,my dad said if i'm genius then i will create a powerful computer and how they program for you!!after spm u will have practical and trows dpt ijazah no need for diploma,,,my dad said like that,,but after spm i want to choose matrik coz i love it n it can bring me far away from malaysia,,,as i know my cousin at singapore twins they choose matrik,,,

Dec 28, 2010

Soko - I'll never Love You More

I will never love you more than the drummer of flaming lips
I will never love you more than Woody Allan movies
I will never love you more than the White album of the Beatles
I will never love you more than God only knows

I will never love you more than DVD's night with my girlfriend
And we talk about stupid things like feelings and men
I will never love you more than my boyfriend when I was 14
Even if he's now an asshole, I will never love you more

And you say, you love me more than everything
And compared to me everything is nothing...

I will never love you more than meeting Paul McCartney
And we asked him to play a song on my Ukulele
I will never love you more than Scandinavian Tour
Which was more than paradise we shall remember it too

I will never love you more than dancing to Phil Spektor
I will never love you more than my kesyington keyboard (?)
I will never love you more than Daniel Johnston himself
For me he's more than God, I will never love you more

And you say, you love me more than everything
And compared to me everything is nothing

Ohh this is sweet, I just wonder what it means

You say you love me more, than all the girls you have before
Even more than music, even more than yourself
Even more than everything, but it's just a lie
So I will never love you more, than anything

I will never love you more than singing in the shower
I will never love you more than my Mac computer
I will never love you more than having a daughter
I will never love you more than peanut butter

I will never love you more than kisses all day
I will never love you more than cuddles all night
I will never love you more than kissing girls lips when they're really pretty

I will never love you more
I will never love you more


yesterday night i can't sleep well i donnow why??my sis also had a same situation so we juz talking bout anything,,,we sleep at 3.30 a.m.,,,before that we went to the toilet...after that we went to bed again then my sis want to drink some water and she said wait 5 minutes then we'll go but she fell asleep as i'm too,,,hurmm then i woke up early in the morning coz my bro ask me to lock the door and he went to his practical while my mom n dad they were out,,,my grandma at kl stay wif makngah for 1 week,,,,usually my grandma will lock the door whenever my grandma isn't around so i'm the one who will lock the door,,,,after a few minutes my mom come back n i open the door then i went back to bedroom n fell asleep

after 1 hour my mom ask me to do somthing while she pick up my dad at hospital(therapy),,,,,then i was so sleepy,,,before my mom went out she will check wether i did or not wat she ask me too,,,after that she will go,,,after she had gone out i continue enjoy my sleeping day!!huhu~~
sudenly i heard someone knock the door i thought it was my mom then i quickly do what she ask me to do then when that person came into the house i really feel relieve coz it's not my mom but it's kak long,,,,she try to escape from her GB n not attend the meeting at school,,,,luckily her GB doesn't know where is my house if not she will be looking for kak long,,,,huhu~~
kak long said she had wrong using her power as GB,,,so kak long n her friends not pretty much like her!!if i'm in kak long's shoes i will do the same thing...hahahazzzxxx
hari ahad she supposed attend to school but she didn't show up she gave reason that she had fever,,,,,tapi waktu i n kak long otw to melaka kak long saw GB'car menuju ke tampin then drpd situ kak long taw yg dye tipu today kak long pakat wif her frenz no to come school hny sbg dendam hari ahad...ari ahad tuh kak long n kwn2 dye dtg except GB so ari ni GB sowunk je dtg skull yg laen semue x dtg,,,huhu ksian btowl dgn GB kak long i tuhh,,,hurmm tulah ske sgt menipu..kak long told me that she love to lied n slh gnkan kuase as GB at sekolah agama tuh...hesyyyhh so terrible she supposed to be fired,,,semua kerja dye kak nisah yg buat lpz uh wktu meeting dye ckp "semua kerja sudah saya siapkan",,,,in fact kak nisah yg siapkan,,,nme dye je yg naek,,,huiihhh berapi hati kak nisah,,,hurmmm hisshhh ape pny GB ntah,,,one day she will receive ats prbuatan dye sndiri,,,ustazah lax tuh tpy ske lied to people!!!hurmm,,,,=p

=) !!!

today i'm not goin anywhere juz help my mommy and daddy at home(be a kind girl lorh =p),,,,well i juz so bored stayin at home but my mommy said one day we will be outta here soon!!but the problem is when???hurmm my mommy and daddy bussiness is gettin well and maju!!thanks to God has help us so much,,,hurmm before that my mommy and daddy bussiness was so worse but now i really thankful to God =)
hurmm school open is just around the corner,,it's nex week and i've prepare,,,,
right now i'm watching tv(hani)...hani and irfan is so sweet and they match together,,,huhu~~

Dec 27, 2010


i love contact lense colour blue,grey,green


don't be shocked wif my first video coz there's a guy who has tatoo don't panick he is filipino guy i mean they are!!they aren't muslims so don't be shocked with that tatoo!!=)
enjoy the video it'll not harm ur ??? urmm wat ?? urmm iman??btowl ke eja dye cmtuh.,,,pape r so juz watch it!!

this is my first video!!Watch It Babe!!

MoymoyPalaboy-Philipines Guys


hurmm so slow,,,hurmm juz so slowwww!!c'mon,,,be faster slowerr


waiting??? ouh yup i'm waiting for my video to be uploaded,,,hurmm so slowww!!!hurmm i wonder what time it will finished i'm tired waiting for it!!L.O.L

late at night!!

hurmm tgh syok gyle mkn biskut n tea pastuh smbung tgk blogger ttbe aq tgk nightline kluar,,,
lorh dh pkul 12 am rpenye xsdr aq,,,,dh lwt mlm,,,hurmm no wonde nightline mncul dpn tv ,,,,
alaaa xkesah smlm p0wn aq tido kol 2 am jew p0wn,,,that's usual,,,,urmm ntahlah sjk kblkngn nie aq slalu tido lwt2 gyle,,,xlewat mne p0wn,,,

My Dodie

i love my Dodie,,,he is my soul n heart,,,he is evrything tome,,,i love you Dodie,My Dear!!hurmm i love him so much....he is soooo cute n handsome...muahhhhzxxx love u more Dodie!!My BF Forever,,,,


aq adew jmpe stu beg ni lwa gylerr,,,the price is RM 120 somthing igt nk bli tpy mommy aq sowh bleq cpt so xdpt aq nk bli,,,lwa sgtt chanteqq sgttt ske sgtt,,,huhu~~
papep0wn bialah,,aq xkesah sgt p0wn nan beg tuh sbb ntahlah maybe ntahlah i donnow wat to say,,,,hurmm ttbe aq rse moody sgttt maybe sbb mommy mrh at kitowunk tdy kowdd sbb mmkk,,,,hahahahahahaha,,,,,kitowunk ni jnis ske mmkk lpz kne sound bru terdiam,,,muahahaha klau x xde lah nk diammm!!aq rse aq moody bkn sbb tuh maybe de sbb laen kowdd...
ouh yup aq bru tringat maybe sbb aq dh lmeeeeee sgtttt x contact orank tuhhh,,,,i miss that person n really much tpy nk uat cmne that person xigt aq n aq p0wn jez wat donnow jelahh,,,arghh juz go to the hell lah beb!!u know dkt sape aq ksudkn dkt best frenz aq yg at KL,,,,hurmmm dye p0wn xkol aq,,L.O.L
hurmm juz forget bout it!!Damn It
WEIYH ble ko nk Kol Aq hah???Kerek seyh,,,forgetful fwenzzzz
aq xrpt sgt tpy bez fwen sng ckp urmm best fwenz tpy xrpt sgt,,,hurmm pape r,,,

hisyyyyyyhhhh!!!grmnyeeeeee!!!adex aq dok maen pastuh trlggr aq yg tgh syok menaip aq trows sound dye pdn mke dye,,,,,dye ckp terkena2,,,,ayik uat palat je nan aq,,,hisyyhh btowl lah dye nie...hate it so muchh,,,drpd shopping tdy asyik lggr aq,,,sket jew aty aq niyhhhh!!!sabar jelaaa,,,sabar separuh drpd faith
org islam slalu ckp!!

Back To School

oukayh if merepekmeripun pny tajuk kembali ke sekolah then my tajuk will be back to school!!i'm not copying you merepekmeripun juz mknenye yg sme kayh....huhu~~
okay xlme lagy skull akn buka n itu mmbuatkn aq bersmgt untuk study smula,,,,tpy ape yg pling sad skly i've to move to another school yg baguss tok aq cbb dh bnyk kisah at tbss n i hate that school dr first day aq msowk smpai skrg,,,aq xtaw knp maybe sbb suasne yg begitu mmbosankan aq n bdk2 dye trlalu kkmpungan kowdd(huwaa,,,ayt aq xley blaa),,,,so i'll move to smkn or smtdmz kowdd,,,,,aq plh programming computer klau xdpt maybe aq plih automotif at smkn,,,,aq ske bab2 kete nie,,,,ble aq dh de kete snglah aq nk ubahsuai jdy kete sport ke or watever,,,if possible larhh,,,,hahaxxx blowm mle skull lagy dh dok brgn apew lah aq niey...aicehhh
okay ttg azam baru aq xnk pk sbb thn lpz aq de uat azam baru dan itu sgt mengecewakan aq so thn ni simple2 je lahhh,,,just concentrate on my study that's all,,,,,aq xnk pk mslh2 papew dah aq juz nk pk psal dri aq,,,,haha ape slhnye skali-skala egois sket je xbnyk hahaxxx =p
aq nk strugle btowl2,,,,
umm bout kgkwn baru aq xkesah n aslkn aq bahagia n aq xkcau idowp hamba2 tuhan,,,,,urmmm preparing for this yer aq dh mmg ready sume cme tggl 3 brg shj....dompet,jam and aq lpe lah stu bnde tuhh,,,
well klau aq dpt hostel aq nk bli beg bsr yg baru untk diisi pkaian,,,xmaenlah beg angkat2 nie aq lbeh ske pkai beg tarik mcm usa tuhh,,,,hurmm sng n ringn
tpy klau xdpt xdelah so mknenye aq kne skull at smkn,,,,,bkn semakan tpy SMKNaning,,,,huwaaa jgn slh fhm deyhh!!aq bowsan hidop at kg aq nk hidowp luxury aq xbiase hidowp susahh....tpy nk uat cmne ayh aq buat biznez at snieyh,,,,hurmmm,,,aq xkesah klau mommy aq nk buat rumh baru n aq nk cpt2 umh tuh siap aq xnk dowk umh papan xselesa wktu siang,,,,hurmmm =(,,,mgkn bagi owunk bkn mcm aq maybe selesa kowdd!!!


hurmm mcm biase pagi2 bangun and trows buat ape2 yang patut,,,,suddenly i remember sumthin and trows gi at tefon n kol kak long but she wasn't at home her son pick up the phone....
 Her son : hello nak cakap dengan sape??
Me : urmm kak long ade??
 Her son : dye xde gy hospital
Me : huh gy hosp(shocked)...urmm kay xpe r...kay bye
 Her son : bye

i was shocked coz she said she want to bring me too with my sisters and her daughter and her little baby,,,,so i juz sit quietly and juz do nuthin....then i talked to mom about this and that!!

after a few hours like 1 hours then kak long datang and i ask her where did she go and she said she went to her school for a meeting,,,,she ask me whether i want to follow he go to hosp or not then i just agreed,,,,xsmpt nk mandi adek2 aq sume dah mandi so aq mandi at umh dye,,,,kitowunk brtolak kol 2.30 pm,,,,dah smpai tuh kne cari parking lak tuh...atoyai pntnyee...thanx to god coz dpt parking,,,aq igt un dh buat appoimnt trows jmpe doktor tpy kne tggu gax smpai nme dpnggil,,,hurmm bosan boring bored gyler gylerr,,,,

my cousin's children and my youngest sister main at playground mini,,,,dlm hosp tuhhh,,,aq tnggu nk dkt 2 hours perghh gyler lme.....mse cyte ptr katak nk start baru grk gy melaka,,,mle2 window shopping pastuh bru shopping...hurmm bez gax lah pnt p0wn adew,,,,,aku ni klau bli beg mmilih sket...xnk complicated xnk simple sgt...suddenly aq nmpx stu kdai branded ni jual beg n kasut,,,,so i took a look then aku mcm urmm nntilah kite round dlu then kalau xjmpe gax pergi situh blek,,,,aq ckp cmtuh at kak long,,,,,so kak long p0wn agreed then round & round akhirnye aq plih tmpt aq bli,,,cntik gyle beg tuh,,,,ske sgtttt
adew gak beg yg jnis jeans then adew beg prghh mmg lawa lah gax,,,,aq plih bag yg brownish stripe,,,,siap dgn ptung lagi pin at situhh,,,,,mmg comelll sangat!!!brand dye BARRY!!

lpz dh bli tuh aq gy tmpt fashion,,,,cntek2 baju dye,,,,aq ske sgt baju tido dye lawaaaa sgttt,,,,aq de brkenan nan baju ni taw bju jln2 then aq nk bli tpy mmndgkn kak long aq nk cpt so xjadi xpelah aq gi nan mommy aq jelaa nnti,,,,,pastuh kitowunk gy mkn2,,,,dh pnt brjln per lagy mkn2 laaaa,,,,then aq order chicken chop,,,hurmm mmg mknn favourite aq p0wn since i was a litlle cute girl aicehhh...hahaxx
okay adek aq lah ni slh fhm,,,,
the story begin.........
mle2 kitowunk dowk at mje mkn jauh siket drpd tmpt prmainn then kak long ckp duduk dkt siket nan playground mini tuhh so trpkselah kitowunk pndh......lpz dh mkn sdp tuh dh abez dh p0wn bru aq teringt yg aq tertinggl sumthing at mje mkn yg kitowunk duduk i ask my sister go n get it but dye pergi at tmpt yg slh,,,,,adew tge owunk chinesse at situ...adek aq dgn x sngje dye pergi amek beg plastik tuh then laki chinesse tuh tergamam awww...dye pk adek aq nk curi then adeq aq dgn mke tbl dye trows dtg at aq mrh2 aq.....sbb xbagitaw yg beg tuh sbnrnye adew at tmpt tdy yg kitowunk dudok...kbtulan beg tuh wrne sme hitam,,,,so adek aq igt yg dkt chinesse tuhh,,,,aq dgn kak long per lagy glk ar,,,,,then kak long say sorry at cina tuhh,,,pastuh aq trows gy amek beg plastik yg trtggl at tmpt mkn tdiy,,,,so chinesse tuh phm lah unn,,,,adeq aq ckp lain kali amek sndiri,,,hissyyhh,,,,,,,hahahahaha ksian dye,,,she thought that aq sngje nk knekn dye tpy dye sndiy yg slh,,,,spattnye dye ckp lah excuse me at cine tuh...atoyaiii!!!
luckily beg tuh xde sape yg amek klau x abez lah aq sbb beg tuh tgll stu jew lagy,,,,,

then ttbe my mommy kol ask us bleq umh cpt2 sbb dh nk maghrib,,,,,aq igt nk bli dompet,jam and pensil case tpy xsmpt sbb mommy aq sowh bleq awl,,,,then bleq umh
dlm prjlnn bleq tuhh aq trtido sbb kpenatan,,,,,,
hurmmm pnt tpy sronokkk!~!!berbaloilah tuh,,,,,,,,,,

Dec 26, 2010


hurmm tomorrow i'm goin to melaka with my luvly kak long(cousin),,,,,hurmm i want to buy watch and bag,,,hurmm i don't want to buy bag at tampin no choices and no standard lorh...all gred E i want gred A or Gred B or Gred C.....hahaxxx,,,,Gred D and E no class lol,,,,,and the bag muz be branded lorh...skull bag and bag jln2....hurmm i don wan the old style looks like old woman walking wif no class bag,...huhu~~if my mother buy a bag gred A1 i wan it too wlaupun x smhl my mommy's bag,,,,alah stakt gred A not that expensive lorh!!hahaxx...okayh i've a lot of work to do so i'll continue tomorrow..bye sygs,,,,haha,huhu,hehe....=p,,,damn it

cEritA TodaY....

oukay...hari ni bangun pagi macam biase tolong buat house chores(my wajib duty),,,then suddenly my mommy ask me and whole family clean the whole house then i agreed except for my daddy coz he has a lot of work to do...only my mommy,my brother and me....sister2 i ade jugak tolong siket2,,,,
cite bermula......

aku and my mommy bersihkan bahagian2 yang kotor...kat umah i ade bnyk kucing..dalam 10 ekor tapi cume 3 ekor yang maseh kecil yang paling kecik sweety(my mommy's cat)yg dua ekor lagi tuh twins and dh besar siket,,,okay aku n mommy gi cuci diowang pnye ehem ehem...uwekkk busuk banget!!!huhu~~
aku boleh lah tahan siket but my mommy sampai naik pening gile....mmg bnyk r dkt blkg tv,bawah meja,bawah mesin jahit,bawah rak kasut....mmg perghh gyle r....aku dh biase sbb mmg drpd mle2 amek kucing aku yg tukang basuh...haha~~jgn gelak hnye aku sorang sahaja yang boleh....(eeehhhh nyamuk nih kcau aku nk update blog lah ~_~.....)then lepas dah abez cuci tuhh my mommy dh tahan gyle then dye cakap camni

mommy : that's enough i want to throw away those cats....they are really annoying me except for my lovely cat sweety coz it's not her shit....

me : but mom i want those's not proper doin that to cats...i love all cats

bro : hrmm if u throw those cats u muz throw ur cat too...haha that's fair

mommy : okay let's see whose shit it is....sweety or those cats...coz tonite daddy goin to "kurung" sweety....

so we all agreed....

after that mommy and daddy ask us to go to tampin buy accessories school....dahlah pnt gile pastuh aku tido japp dalam bilek slm stgh jam kowdd pastuh kitowunk berangkat gi tampin yang xde class standard at all....only my bro tnggl at umh...,,,kitowunk nk je snggh at kedai cendol but full then kitowunk gy beli brg nk bli eyeliner tpy my mommy said x de brand coz it will be dangerous who knows adew chemical bhy pastuh murah plax xjady lah aq beli,,,,lepas dh beli brg skull baru kitowunk gy mkn at cendol...actually mommy nk sgt mkn nasi briyani tapi kedai dye tutup so kitowunk gy at cendol,,,,huhhh mse tuh kdai cendol tuh dh x pnuh....mse nk balek tgk2 ramai orang sggh kedai tuh...kdai tuh mmg pop gile smpai kluar newspaper name kedai tuhh'cendol pulau sebang' x silap akuh.....

Dec 25, 2010

at Last

tadi aku busy nak cari cite favourite aku waktu aku small dulu,,,,actually cite tuh dah lame gile dah waktu aku umo 9 tahun kowtt,,,,pastu cari2 xjumpe2,,,aku try cari at google images then aku nampaklah die punye gambar frontier tuhh ade tajuk die skali,,,,so aku trus bkk youtube,,,at last i've found it,,,huhu~~
loading die lme gile so i take the advantage to update my blog....cite tuhh ade 9 parts
tajuk die CONEHEADS!!!best gak lah cite die,,,hurmm i still remember this story even i watch it since i small,,, ;)

Dec 23, 2010

Seribu Kali Cinta

hurmm cyte tuh ary nih laz episod..hurmm sofea jady gylew,mia dh sihat n happy ending wif nizam and huda wif ramli..huhu~~xsngke aq tpy okeylah tuh drpd dye dowk kcau idowp nizam kann...hurmm bez gylew dye pny ending dye tuhh,,,tpy yg klakar gyle peah(sofea)jdy gyle i thought she accept ramli's love but dye jdy insane!!
papew r aslkn mia n nizam happy ending..wahahahahaaa,,,,
ouh yepp ary nih ary khamis un sowk ary jmaat..adew cyte ape eh sowk??hurmm,,,,hrp2 cyte bez2
hurmm aq ske tgk cyte tv3 drpd tgk astro....astro xbez so bored,,,,lgyp0wn my daddy xnk psg astro sbb xnk pljrn terabai gara2 astro...huhu~~itulah cytenye


mak su sowh i kol  her but when i call her i can't reach her...she ask me too but why she didn't pick up the phone..maybe she was bz kowd...xpe2 nnty ppndailah aq kol dye blex..hurmm i can't wait for this saturday,,,my big day wohooo bezznyewrr!!jgn xjadi sdh hurmm nnty sdeyh lax aq..huhu~~

PadaMu Ku Bersujud

ku menatap dalam kelam
tiada yang bisa ku lihat
selain hanya nama-Mu Ya Allah

* esok ataukah nanti
ampuni semua salahku
lindungi aku dari segala fitnah

kau tempatku meminta
kau beriku bahagia
jadikan aku selamanya
hamba-Mu yang slalu bertakwa

ampuniku Ya Allah
yang sering melupakan-Mu
saat Kau limpahkan karunia-Mu
dalam sunyi aku bersujud

repeat *, reff
repeat reff


new Song

hurmm kli nih aq ltk lagu malay...ntah lnp...knpe eh??maybe sbb lgu ni sdpp n mnghayatkan aty kowd so aq hrp kowunk ske n hayatilah lagu nih sepenuh jiwa(xley bla ayt)hahahaha =D
papep0wn enjoy yupp....lagu ni brdsrkn Tuhan....

monSter HouSe

hurmm monster house adex aq ni hah nk sgt tgk cyte tuh tpy bez gak lahhh....urmm yunk lgy sowunk ni lax nk tgk cyte toy story....bnyk kerenah lah diowunk nihhh...heisyhhh
tpy toy story tuhh dh bnyk kli tgk so aq ckp at adex aq yunk toy story tuh x leh bkk sbb dh dihapuskann....hahaha =D
bia lahhh.....hurmm who cares??urmm skunk nih aq nk dgr lagu japp...huhu~~aman dunia aq pkoknya...ooppsss trkeluar indon lax..haha tgk cyte alisa tiap2 ary so terbiase deyh....hurmm
alisa n evan mmg cocok...suka deyh...happy ending

selenA gOmez ft Demi LOvato

i love this and the same..huhu~~ love it so mush deyh....hurmm =D


hurmm ary tuhh aq de uat spaghetti...ntah knp aq nk spaghetti so my mommy bly bhn dye n sowh aq msk sndri so i juz agree then my mommy sdiekn bhn2 dye...and at last my mommy yunk uat spaghetti tuhh...huhu~~
mmg gyler sdp...spaghetti and prego...mmg pds n sdpp gylew
pastuh xckup so my mommy bly sos prego tuhh lagy sbb mommy juz add some chilli and daging kisar..tuh jew xssh kann??hurmm =)

WatChing Tv

hurmm tgh tgk cyte saka jentayu..hahaaaaa funny btowl antoo dye xsrm lgsung doe....hurmm wktu tayu kne rsuk je rse srm sket....tah pape antoo dye...wuhahaaaa,,,,,hurmmm apewlh director dye or pnerbit or arghh sape2 jelah...hisyhhh

ouH yUp!!

hurmm pgy tdy aq wake up in the mornink kowl urmm kol 10 a.m. so aq bngn then trows aq gy mndy pastuh siap-siap...siap-siap??nk gy mne??hah pe lagy amek result larh lol....then kowl 11 lebeyh cmtuh kitowunk grk sblowm tuh my daddy tgh lgsaikan bil phone at internet tuh yunk lmbt pergy...then aq rse cuakkk gyle doe...smpai skull kitowunk snggh bly roti japp pstuh bru amek result...
aq gy nan adex aq at dewan dh gyler takowd pastuh aq gy at cekgu ruhayah then dye ckp kne lgsaikan utg buku aq gy at car park then aq mnx duet at aq pergy dwan bleq then aq byr 50 notes at cekgu mohd nor...pastuh bru bley amek result tuhh....
hurmm nmpxnye my daddy xbrp nk satisfied wif my result....hurmm dh naseb huhu~~ =(
xpelah my mommy said spm kann adew lagy...msowk form 4 aq nk struggle study btowl2...hurmm
kay r aq mlz nk cyte psal bnde alh yunk dh lpz aq nk tkr story plax...hurmm apew eh??


nk cyter ape eh??aq dh terbosan gylew smpai x ingt apew aq nk cyter nih!!hurmm...???


today all pmr students had got their rsult this mornink at their lovely skull = i juz want to say congrates to whom got straight A and 8 A....congrates,congrates i'm happy for u all but to whom got failed we can try on spm coz it will dtermined where we will go to u or college or no don't give up!!
well u all didn't ave to know my result coz i'm not goin to tell u all juz find out urself where u want to get the answer!! it's up to u all =),,,,thnx to whom always wish me for the bez especially to my lovely mommy and daddy...luv u all ;)
to whom got straight A or not plizz don't forget to thank to ur god cuz Him really help u all...=)
okay ryte now pmr story will end from my life....wait for the nex yer pmr story,...huhu~~

Dec 22, 2010

result pmr...

i think all pmr candidate are very nervous rite now coz tomorry will be their important day as i'm too...
so to all who will goin to get the resut i wish u will get wat u want n me too....
hurmm i really feel wat u all feel ryte now...RESULT PMR is waiting for us at school tomorrow so maybe i can't sleep well tonite....oh goshhh!!


PMR...huh takowdd!!
it's tomorrow
my important day and for all candidate dis yer
gud luck!!
hope u all can get wat u want =)
me too...huhu~~

Dec 21, 2010

new song

loud the speaker babe...go to party
love this song

Dec 20, 2010

huhu jelezzz!!

hurmmmm,,,,,aq ckplah mke youngest sister tuhh look alike demi lovato when she wears hat then my first sister(adik) really jelez coz she is a big fan of demi lovato and youngest sis i love miley cyrus,,,,,,huhu~~adek aq jelez gylewww....wahaha
well my youngest sis really look alike demi u know....she look so cute,,,,okay i don't want praise her too much,,hurmm watever lollllz


i feel so nervous...makin lama makin nervous lahh coz birthday for result pmr is around the corner...another 2 days onlyyy....huhhh nervous sesgt nieyh,,,result pmr tlh berjaya membuat kan aq rse gerun skali,,,,sumpah aq ckp doe aq gyle nervous,,,okey trik nafs ppnjg dan hembus perlan2,,,,

Dec 19, 2010

hurmm igt unn bnyk lah sgt ikan tuh...rupenyew siket jew..hurmm pape jelaa


tonite i'm goin to watch Kepok & Nisan on my lovely tv =p
hurmm tgk iklan dye mcm funny jew cyte nye so nk watch lah at 9 pm....lagy 3 minutes...huhu~~
ade saiful apek(pelawak)...mzty bezz kan kann??hurmm ntalah...

taylor swift

Drew looks at me
I fake a smile so he won't see
What I want and I need
And everything that we should be

I'll bet she's beautiful
That girl he talks about
And she's got everything
That I have to live without

Drew talks to me
I laugh 'cause it's just so funny
I can't even see
Anyone when he's with me

He says he's so in love
He's finally got it right
I wonder if he knows
He's all I think about at night

He's the reason for the teardrops on my guitar
The only thing that keeps me wishing on a wishing star
He's the song in the car I keep singing
Don't know why I do

Drew walks by me
Can he tell that I can't breathe?
And there he goes, so perfectly
The kind of flawless I wish I could be

She better hold him tight
Give him all her love
Look in those beautiful eyes
And know she's lucky 'cause

He's the reason for the teardrops on my guitar
The only thing that keeps me wishing on a wishing star
He's the song in the car I keep singing
Don't know why I do

So I drive home alone
As I turn out the light
I'll put his picture down
And maybe get some sleep tonight

'Cuz he's the reason for the teardrops on my guitar
The only one who's got enough of me to break my heart
He's the song in the car I keep singing
Don't know why I do

He's the time taken up but there's never enough
And he's all that I need to fall into
Drew looks at me
I fake a smile so he won't see

i Can't wait.......

i can't wait for christmas day this'll be my biggest and important day for me,,,it'll make me feel that i'm the happiest girl in the world
to khuzierin(eryn),darryl,woon and ame-lyssa (bff) merry christmas to u u so much....may god bless u all,,,hurmm long time no see huh??but it's kay we will see each other nex time...huhu~~


well i'd change my blog background and song....from Taylor Swift-Teardrops On My Guitar
hope u all enjoy listening to it =)....


hurmm today i bz withdesign my blog beautifully...huhu~~aren't my blog beautiful??hurmm s.s....haha
well today i juz stay at home not goin anywhere coz mommy doesn't allowed me too,,,
tdy makngah n grandma ajk i gy mkn luar at pengkalan but mommy ask me to stay home so i juz obey them...xpelah biarlah adek2 aq je yang pegy aq dowk umh melayari blog ksygn aq nieh huhu~~
hurmm after a few hours suddenly my sweety cat ilg oppsss silap my mommy sweety cat..heheh
i search it around and around xjmpe2 p0wn....dh lh tecik comel lagy...hurmm aq gyle risau...
and at last aq xjmpe but kcing tuh ade nan mommy aq..hishhh grm jew mommy juz laughing at me..hurmm =('s my bro fault sbb dye ckp sweety ilg so aq cry lah round satu bro bknnye nk gtaw yunk sweety ade nan mommy aq....grmmm jew

Dec 18, 2010

=( sadddd coz kak anne xjdy dtg larhh....maybe 25 dec dye plan nk gy sni...hurmm bowsan klau x kitowunk dh plan together tok gy window shopping wif my mom and kak long and my sister,hanie...25 dec???
wktu tuhh krismas tyme kay r tuhh itowunk gy jnjln wktu krismas...
tmorrow mak ngah should goin to bentong but xjdy coz so far from here and she said nnty pnt coz isnin dye bentong ade sdare i kahwin from family ptt gy gax but my daddy's condition x mengizinkan n my parents p0wn bz nan bisnez so x jdy....tpy maybe wktu brsnding itowunk gy kowtt...
hurmm aq nk upload pic tpy mak su aq ni hah....dye sowh kol nk tnye email aq...atoiyai bnyk bil kne pkai mty kol from melaka to kelantan...dh lh aq kol nfon mamp0wz aq..bil bnyk nnty kne byr nnty mzty my daddy angry..nk mcej aq xde fon..huhu~~
tpy klu pnjm my bro p0wn hurmm bia lah....nnty free tyme aq try kol dye larhh...klu ley x p0wn vsit fb dye...hurmmm

Dec 17, 2010

my sister...

hurmm upkk ary tuhh my sis got 5A hurmm congrate to mom promiz her to buy present but till now she didn't get it..but dye x biseng r...n i ask mom to buy her present n my mom said okeyyy nnty bly....

tdy aq gy mitc adew pc fair..hurmm mle2 tuhh bez tpy dh lme2 tuhh rse boring laxxx....=(
cntek2 lahh gak pc dye..dew yg kecik pastuh comell banget...warne pink...nntu aq nk bly yg tuh lahh...haha bleq aq nnty kann wrne pink so bly pc wrne pink so match lahh....hurmm aq kalau dpt msowk asrama aq tragak2 r nak ke x msowk asrama...hurmm klau masowk asrama nnty aq homesick laxx..huhu~~ klaw x aq nk skull naning..hurmm mne stu eak...??xpyhlah pk blowm tntu aq dpy 6A unn??
my fwenz at tbss sume ckp xyh pndah juz stay at tbss...hurmm tpy aq bncyyyy skull tbss tuhh de asrama sape nk dowk sne ley tpy bkn asrama yg kowunk taww..asrama kwln x ketat...
hurmm klau aq msowk asrama apew akn jady klau x msowk n aq gy naning apew akn jady gax...??
klau aq msowk asrama i want to be diva form 4 hahahxxx...juz kidding...huhu~~ s.s lagy aq nieyh...
klau skull naning at situhh de kazen aq klau aq popular nnty diowunk mzty baruah gyleeee....huihhhh


well i dh lme x update blogg..haha who cares??
i hate the time of my life
i've never felt this way before
i swear it's true....
gylew boring....tdy bru je kuar gy mc bly baju skull...
ckp psal skull tringt lax result pmr...bile eak??
haha wat2 xtaw lax...23/12/10 kann kannn??hurmm xlme lagy 2 hry cblowm merry CHRISTMAS...cpatnyew but it's kay aslkn i dpt result tuhh....klu lmbt p0wn nnty tibe gax ary pnting tuhh!!huiiihhh so nervouse lahhh...
so i wish my fwenzz all da bez....kowunk mzty dpt 7A n above kann kann??yelaa all my fwenz sume gyle pepndai....hurmm n i hope i can archieve wat i want..huhu~~ asyik wish at kowunk je aq p0wn nk gax wish towk myself..hahahaxxx =p
klau aq dpt 6A n above my daddy goin to present me a laptop...wowww beznyewww...hurmm present present gax puase nazar jgn lpew...huhu actually aq de buat puase nazar slame 1 ary jew tuhp0wn klau dpt 6A atas jew klau x xde lah aq nk uat..huhu~~
klu dpt laptop aq nak laptop apple...huhu~~ xp0wn n acer kann adew videocam so xyahlah susah2 nk bly webcam lagy...
hurmmmm so wish me the bez u alll sooo mushhh
eryn,farah,mia,fyka,anyss aq wndu at kowunk sumee...towk dax2 tbss unly
jgn lpe kwn aq at kl....fanah,fyka,n all aq wndu at kowunk huhu~~
aq ni yeye jew ntah kowunk miss at aq ke ta??hurmm s.s hahaxx...bia lah
urmm to my special gang n best fwenz aq miss at you all hahaxx....nnty jmpe taw taw...klau de mase de bnyk cyte nk kngsi nan kowunk sume..huhu~~how's ur jamming guys...huhu mzty sronowk gyle unnn...???nk join skaly..??hahaxxx melalut je aq niey mlm2 bute niyh..huhu~~
skunk nieyh aq xtnggl solat taww??ala juz 1 waktu je knkdg tggl or 2 cmtu r...slalu aq tggl solat isyak n subuh..huhu~~hurmm xlme lagy aq nk jdy ustazah..aicehhh i'm juz kidding lorh..x nk aq jdy nk jdy fashion designer yg ter famous hahaha....brngn n melalut sowunk2...hehe owunk s.s lah ktekan..
tpy someone adew ckp at aq skali skala brngn n s.s xpew juz towk ilgkan stress jew...jgn slalu sgt nnty mkin menjadi2 lax kang...haha =D
siapa yunk xsihat tuh rajen2 lah mkn ubat cbb result nk dkat..huhu psanan dry cik kyky....huhu
aq hrp wktu amek result tuh jgn lah de yunk saket or trlalu nervoussss....i wish kowunk sehat2 jewww...huhu~~doa ikhlas dry cik kyky....lalalalaa...hahahaxxx

Dec 14, 2010


bwuu lpz abez mcg nan fanah....fanah u r so cuteeee...huhu~~
shootin aq juz nk ckp all da bez beb...hahaxx..xsngke shioottt

Dec 13, 2010


well this evening i play football wif my bro...hahaxx..relax it's just like futsal!!!huhu~~
today i call anyss....she is very talkahollic..haha don't angry lorhhh....
she talk about her family n so wutever..hurmmm =)
she is juz my ordinary friends but she is so kind...but i won't forget bout all my best friend at bf is more better than her i think huhu~~

all my cats is sulking wif us bcoz they jealous a new cute cat come bothering them at home...they didn't want to come back they juz playin outside...when i shake their food then they will run as fast as they could to get the food...all mycats including my new cat are really pretty and has a smoothy fur on their body...huhu~~
i love u sygs my cat...mmmuahhhzxxxz...


yesterday i help my mom cooking sardine all by myself....haha i'm a good cooker u know??hurmm not bad,,,
i try to find asam jawa but i couldn't found it anywhere in the kitchen so i tried to kol my mom but she didn't answer...hurghhh i'm so frust n tension....i try to ask my grandma and she said terletk at tmpt biase but i didn't saw it...then i tried to find at tmp garm then i bru jmpe,,,,hurghh i'm sooo maddd at that time but as a pro chef i should be patient hahaxxx =p
after i finished cooking so i serve it on the table....after that i play with my cats n so that's all,,,,,actually watever i do yesterday i've forget..becoz too many thing i'd done yesterday...hurmm=(

Dec 12, 2010


i;ve more story to tell but not now tomorrow maybe...

Dec 11, 2010


abg aq dh bleq so phm2 jela ape aq ptt buat..hwaaaa mlz nyeeeeee.....

eh alamakkk slh owunk..bkn abg aq lah..huhuhu~~huh lega rsenye..
i think my bro will be late kowtt yelaa owunk tgh hang out dgn fwenz dye..
aq xtaw lah sme de dye lpk nan kwn dye ataupun ehem ehem rse grau je lahhh dear,huhu~~
aq bkk blog niey p0wn pkai laptop dye..huhu~~komputer aq tuh cpt sgt jam..dh rosak tpy still ley dad was so bz smpai x de mse nk lyn krenah mngade2 komputer tuhhh...hurmmm apela luck aq niey
hurmm =(

eeeee comelnye kcink bru aq tuh...kcink persian biaselah persian cats mmg comel2 gylerr...blu dye cntekkkk sgt pnjg plak tuh...hwaaaa comelnye grmnyee aq nan dye...ouh yepp nme die jona hahaha..kcink btine...eee grmnye..wrne blu dye coklat cair,ptih n itam...mmg gyle cmel seyh...klau korunk tgk msty kowunk grm gylerrr...tpy kalau spe2 yg dye x knl dye akn jdy grg gyler...hahahaha so be careful with it...

kcink tuh bkn asl drpd kcink2 aq at umh dye juz ank agkt kpd kcink diowunk cm xbiase lagy lah...klu kowunk dtg umh aq...bnyk kcink aq..ade 10 ekor trmsuk kcink bru....mak dye gyle comelllll
9 ekor lagy tuh as a family....

hahhha abg aq dh bleq....k bye

thn Dpn???

hurmm thn dpn aq nk pndh skull...klau xdpt asrama at cny aq igt nk skull at smt kuala cousin said at situh bezz so i think i want to go there kowt,,,,aq teringin sgt nk pndh kl lagy,,,aq wndu tmpt aq aq wndu semua memori aq at sne wif my family,wif my firends n best fwen at thre...hurmm =(

gylerrrr pns at kg niey...i'm not comfortable at sniey...xpe2 nnty my mommy n daddy want to build a new house for us,,,,,huhhhuu i can't wait for that..hurmm i hope all our plan will go smoothly....hurmm hope sooo....

mne abg aq nieyh???x baleq lagy my mommy dh sowh dye bly sardine untk aq msk tpy cane nk msk klau dye blowm bleq lagy...hurmm eh xpelah dye bleq lmbt nty aq juz bgy alsn at mommy abg bleq lmbt tdy,,,,hurm msk lmbt2 p0wn xpewlahh....hehehe dpt aq online lbeyh lme sket btowl x???btowl3...says me!!!hahahaxxxx

hurm..pnslah at cniey..hurm x selesa aq igt nk signup blog niey towk uat stu cerite tpy xtawu ble aq nk uat...maybe nnty2 kowtt...cbb mse niey spe nk dgr rekaan cyte aq tggu thn dpn okay,....if god wills it lorh...hurmm nk kte aq niey pndai uat novel bleyh lah gak...tpy x pnjg mne p0wn...umm tgk lah cmne...

heyh kcink aq niey...tido,mkn,brmain tu jelaa kje dye pastuh mrayau2 n buat sepah..huihh stu hal nk kne kms hurmm...luckily dye pndai buang air at luar sne klu dlm umh..hurmm mamp0ws aq nk mngemas nyeee...bela kcink nk tpy nk mgemas mlz hahaha...itulah yunk slalu my grandma ckp at kitowunk...hehehe~~

hurmm sdp plk dgr lgu demi lovato nieyh...sdeyh sgt lgu dye...hurmm..don't forget...about me...
wahh beshnyeeeee.....u r the bez demi lovato...tpy i lbeh kn kpd taylor swift...hehe i mmg mnt dye fanatic sgt nan dye...skunk mj x de so pnggntinye taylor lah..klau mj ade dye slalu aq ske....mj mmg gyle beshhh...

mak su ble nk online blog lagy??nk borak nan mak su...wndulah..hehe~~
ble ummi n mak su nk dtg lagy..hurmm bosan nyee diowunk xde
xpe2 i'll wait for 18/12/10 nnty kak anne dtg...hahahaxx
msti riuh umh aq nnty..hurmm besshh nyee
aq ske owunk dtg umh niey..owunk yg rpt nan family aq jelaaa...hurmm...klau owunk xknl mcm kwn daddy or mommy aq tuh xkuar2 drpd juz sitting in my room after shaking their niey pmalu owunk nye...aicehh pji dri plak...hwaaaaa


aq bosann meyh...spe2 bley bgy idea cne nk ilg un bosann i yunk trlmpau nieyhh???hehe~~
hurmmm nk uat pe r???bosannn bnget nieyh...spe ley uat lwk kewr or smthing yunk ley hiburkn aq yg tgh trbosannn gyler nieyh!!!hurmmmmmmmmm=(

lagu malay sdpp??

aq tgk blog kwn aq taw lagu dye sdppp banget tpy malay lah pastuh jiwang....
hurmm aq tkn r gratisan music tuh un pastuh aq jmpe stu link yunk bley mmsukkn lagu yunk aq nk...pastuh aq dpt...thnx to ur blog buddy...
wahhh gyle happy aq..wahahahahahahaxxxxx
hurmmm but i'm still sad coz of smthing...hurmm ptt ke aq lpekn sumenye psal kowunk sme..hurmm aq ni selfish un pastuh lpe kwn un??? ='(......i'm sorry....hurghhhhh

i appreciate

i appreciate wat u all have done for me,,,,i ember when we laugh together,we eat together
yunk gylerr pling lwk skaly salehuddin(pengotor + gila)....hahahaha mmg besh gyle at sne....pastuh mse aq nk pndh de la bbrp owunk yunk smpt amek gmbr nan aq it's amira farhana,umi najjah n yang laen2...wktu dlm van cik ain aq fyka,zyqa,ummi kitowunk sume mmg bessh n sporting gylerr mse tuh...same goes wif cik ain...i mishhh u sgttt cik ain...especially abg syafiq aicehhh xde lah juz kidding don take it serious meyh!!!tpy mmg gyler bes...
my frenz at sne u r the best thing that's ever been mine...huhu~~ cmtuh gak at skull bru aq yunk bru 1 thn lebeyh aq skull at sne...pastuh aq lah yunk slalu uat kcohhh at sne...btowl x u guys hahaha...n i'm the most recent popular at sne asyik kne gosip je un...haha prasan lax aq niey...wktu akhir aq jmpe kowunk waktu nk cty skowl btowl x???n i'm gonna mishh u more guys...n kli trakhir aq mntp at shah alam seingt aq bln 3 kowtt..tuhp0wn xsmpt aq nk celebrate bifday aq at sne trpkselah celebrate at kg ksygn aq nieyh...hahaxxx
maybe ni hadiah ary jdy aq that's umm pndh ke gyle sedeyh aq x nk tggl kg tpy ape nk uat dh ayh aq uat bisnes at sniey so kne trime je lah unnn....klau aq tggl at kl nty sape nk jge aq..hahaha aq bknnye pndai brdikari sgtt p0wn...sket sket jelah...bab mmsk mmg aq xtaw..hahahaha
ntah ape2 lah aq ni un..huhu~~

so klau kowunk wndu at aq rjen2 lah vsit blog aq n kite ley chatting at my cbox...sorry lah aq xde fb,ms,twitter n so wutever sbb my dad forbidden me to sign up for it..huhu~~
klau aq wndu kowunk nty aq ppndailah contax kwunk skali skala kannnn....hurmm =(
maybe one day aq uat fb pastuh nty aq cry kwunk tpy klau xjmpe trpkselah beduke...huhu~~
hurmm maybe ble dh abez spm aq kne pndh jauh kowtt...hahaha...
to my friends hrp kite jmpe lagy kowttt...klau xjmpe dh nseb nk uat cane ntah klu jmpe aq knl kowunk ke x..klau aq knl p0wn ntah kowunk buat2 xknl aq kowttt..hurmm =(...sedeyh nieyh...hahahaha
klau kowunk xknl xpe aq de rmai lagy yunk knl haty budi aq..aicehhh jgn trase ye...kiding2 jewrk..(ckp ani p0wn sbb nk jge aty owunk laen) sporting lolz..

damn itttt

how i want to add playlist i donnow....huhu~~ sape bley tlonk ajr aq meyh??aq dh cbe tpy i can't do it....gilerrrrrr!!!drpd ary tuh aq nk add tpy xdpt dpt p0wn.nk sowh abg aq abg aq tuh hurmmm pephm jelah un,,,skunk niey p0wn dye tgh hang out wif his friends...wahhhhh beznye dye....happy go lucky seyh

i know i'm a girl so i've to stay at home n help my mother cooking n all that...urgghhhh
aq kan RAJENNNNN!!! =p...haahahaaahahaaxxxx

aq wndu sgt nan someone niey dh lme x contact dye...hurmm nk taw sape it's secret deyh!!can't tell you all
= x....huhuhu...xoxo..

hurmm gylerr borinGG

my mum gy skull my sis for klinik upsr....hanie dye de program at skull so my mum ave to follow her kowl 5 lebeyh bru bleq...huwaaaa bosannyewr...i x ikowt coz my mom ask me to do house chores mom said she already told my bro to buy sardine so i've to cook sardine today...walaweiyh pastuh sowh cook rice...bosannye i'd rather follow them than to do house chores...huhu~~ aq nie mls sket bab2 msk niey....biase larh girlz zmn skunk laen drpd yg laen...hahaxxxx,,,,,bnde yunk plg aq bnci ialah folding clothes,sidai baju,cooking that's all yunk laen to boleyhlah,,,,hwaaaaaaa bosannyer aq dowk nk outing gy jln2...hurmm tpy spe nk tmn aq...brrrrrrrrr boooooooosssssssssaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnn!!!!!BRICK BY BORING huhu~~ paraMore i Love u GUYS...

Don'T FoRgeT....DeMi LovaTo

Did you forget that I was even alive?
Did you forget everything we ever had?
Did you forget, did you forget about me?

Did you regret ever standing by my side?
Did you forget we were feeling inside?
Now I'm left to forget about us

But somewhere we went wrong
We were once so strong
Our love is like a song, you can't forget it

So now I guess this is where we have to stand
Did you regret ever holding my hand?
Never again, please don't forget, don't forget

We had it all, we were just about to fall
Even more in love, than we were before
I won't forget, I won't forget about us

But somewhere we went wrong
We were once so strong
Our love is like a song you can't forget it

Somewhere we went wrong
We were once so strong
Our love is like a song, you can't forget it at all

And at last all the pictures have been burned
And all the past is just a lesson that we've learned
I won't forget, please don?t forget us

Somewhere we went wrong
Our love is like a song but you won't sing along
You've forgotten about us
Don?t forget