Mar 21, 2013

malas pulak nak pergi kerja

hurm esok malas lah nak gi kerja . mesti ada je soalan nak tanya aku . hahaha 
lagipun esok aku ada hal lagi penting ok . nak amek ic aku n nak buat kad maybank . kalau aku gi kerja mesti ramai yang tanya aku . wahhhh !!! kalau aku x de pun mesti diorang akan tanya ika,farah or akillah kan ? ahhh lantaklah ! malas lah aku nak dengar soalan tuh ~~
hurmm biarlah rahsia ... 
oh yes .. hari sabtu ada majlis makan-makan kat unikl . dinner u alls . esok tuh makan kat a famosa pulak . wahhh best nye . aku pulak jadi penyambut tetamu ... makeup for sure . and aku kena pakai baju kebaya . oh god my first time wearing a kebaya ... haha ~~
actually ada majlis keputeraan pak cik aku . 
hurmm rasa malan lah nak menaip lagi sebab dah tak da idea lagi . ok till next entry ! 


can't wait for that date ! it is my payment date . i want to buy mary kay cosmetics . i found about ir when i visit kak nisakay's blog . omg she is really cute and adoring . 
i want to buy blusher, eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, foundation and etc .
actually i really interested in etude house cosmetics . but one of my friend said that that cosmetics contain alcohol so i think i don't buy it . after i've done with my cosmetics i want to buy clothes , high heels again ... haha i really into fashion and makeup . i'm a girl who is obsessed with makeup and fashion . furthermore if it is sale time . until 70 % . 
you know what i used oxy . and someone told me that oxy isn't good for our skin because it will make your skin look more dull . after i'd heard that i think after this i want to use safi . 


as for you all know today is the important day for spm 2012 . the result have been known . as for me it is really secret ! haha ... ok i will tell you but not the whole . i only got 2A's and i feel so sad . hurmm ... serve me right . but it is okay , i'm not giving up . when i get into poli or any college i will try harder to get 4 flat . no matter what people want to say even my own parent . i'm still with my vision . that's it . i want to achieve what i want . maybe not now but later . although my spm result isn't really good but there will be always an opportunity for me to go further . yeah after this i'm going to make a huge changes and i'm going to stay with my own vision and mission . maybe there is no luck for me . but it's okay ... maybe later ! yup i believe that . i believe with allah's power . maybe there is hikmah behind all this . yup and i'm not giving up . no matter what people want to say , i'm going to stay with my vision . yeah i admit that i'm a lil frustrated because my malay n english language are b . and i wish that my malay and english would get a but i got b . hurmm =(
hey it's already past . and i can't undo ... so here is my future . just go on with ur life . no matter what happen i will continue my study . okay till next entry !