Dec 5, 2012

good day everyone

masak dah , kemas rumah pun dah , solat zuhur dah .. ape lagi yang belum ?
actually i'm in boring mood ... breakfast pun dah , lunch belum lagi ... kejap lagi kott !
lepas ni nak dancing ... hurmm syiida told me that she want to come to my house but she doesn't told me what time and what day she want to come here ... she said it is secret ... 
okay i will just wait and see ! 
how are you dear my friends ???
it will be a long time we haven't meet till march ... i miss our funny moment together and our sweet memory ... 
hurmm =')

snapping pic

nurin and vivie

me and my younger first sister hanis

alysha, hanis and my lovely cute mom

i'm getting bored

soooooo bored ... i don't know what else i'm going to do ! k-pop ?
hurmm i think so but i need to practice more .. oh yeah one more thing about me ... i love k-pop and sometimes i dance like them ... huhu ~~ 
full house ? hurmm i don't think so ... hana yori dango ? hurmm speechless 
well what else ?? 
hurmm this evening i watched cinta vlog at youtube ... not bad 
wawa zainal as a heroin and aliff aziz as a hero ... vlog is almost like a blog ! but it is a video 
well who are interest in watching them you can search there cinta vlog full movie .. 
i watched only for half because i had so much work to do ... great i want to dance ... LOL

i'm full

huh in the morning i cooked fried rice ... and it was so delicious . 
and i add for 4 plates .. hahaha i'm going to be fat soon ... ouh i don't want !!!
well tonight my mother and my younger sister cook maggi and it has a great taste . but i only ate 1 plate because i'm so full . and then i ate some biscuits with margerin and strawberry jam .. omg it has a good taste . and drank with tea ... lol
so the conclusion is i ate too much today .. haha bored 
if i get bored i will eat and eat ... playing game on computer ? huihh bored too ... GTA vice city
- mission failed - internet bored - playing a kid games - fashion and youtube ... i don't know what to search on it ... LOL 
hana kimi was already done ! so what am i going to watch ? what am i going to search a song ? hurmm today i feel bored . and at this evening i was sleeping for 2 hours ... hahaha tonight i'm not going to be sleepy ... i'm not sleeping beauty ... absolutely not !! 

the moment

i still want to be your friend . why all this happened to me ? do you know how much i love our friendship before . we used to be hang out together when we were form 3 . i mean after our tuition class over . you always makes me feel irritate ... but i don't mind at all ! 
but why we must become like this . we are not close anymore just because someone told you that i ... hmm ='(
let gone by gone .. but can't we be friend again ? is that hard for you to forgive my mistake ? okay i will understand it ... 

p/s : you such have a kind heart and funny but it is different now !

khas untuk kawan aku ~~~

okay i just want to share a story with you alls about my friend . her name is amiera azman . although we are not close but i love her as my friend . about her ? she is so nice , sweet , has a soft heart as herself , pretty , and everything . she is so perfect according to me . i know everybody is not perfect but to me she is much perfect . why she has a soft heart ? this is because she never angry or mad when every person makes her feeling hurt . if i was close to her , i will be the most lucky person . she love to give speech about religious and give opinion and she is open minded . she is brutal a little bit ... she always listen to anybody problems ... she is very kind . 
well she has two best friends that is always be with her . they are laila and fazira . they are pretty kind too but too brutal . huhu ~~~ they are so cute and kind . i hope your friendship will be last long okay ! 

p/s : honestly , i really want to have a friend like miera but i could not find one and i really want to get close with her but i could not ... i don't know why maybe I may not be eligible to be friends with her .. but i will try to find one someone like miera ... ;')