Dec 26, 2010


hurmm tomorrow i'm goin to melaka with my luvly kak long(cousin),,,,,hurmm i want to buy watch and bag,,,hurmm i don't want to buy bag at tampin no choices and no standard lorh...all gred E i want gred A or Gred B or Gred C.....hahaxxx,,,,Gred D and E no class lol,,,,,and the bag muz be branded lorh...skull bag and bag jln2....hurmm i don wan the old style looks like old woman walking wif no class bag,...huhu~~if my mother buy a bag gred A1 i wan it too wlaupun x smhl my mommy's bag,,,,alah stakt gred A not that expensive lorh!!hahaxx...okayh i've a lot of work to do so i'll continue tomorrow..bye sygs,,,,haha,huhu,hehe....=p,,,damn it

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