Dec 29, 2010


early in the morning as usual my bro will wake me up to lock the door but today i'm not coz i saw my mommy and daddy had arrive at home so i quickly went to bed again and sleep soundly,,,hwaaaa...hwaaa
urmm at 5 p i goin out wif my family except my bro he stayed at home alone,,,we went to the mall to buy everything we need for,,,,i juz want to buy something for me but it isn't there klau de p0wn not pretty and cheap =P,,,so i don't buy anything!!we went home at 8.15 pm and my father busy want to perform to complete his prayer so we were rushing home....i don't had time to buy something for me at EMS,,,,after we arrived home we saw someone coming so tha's mean my bro din't stayed home alone,,,,after that my family watching tv channel donnow but what i know is they are watching football(malaysia VS Indonesia)i juz watch it for awhile then i opened the pc and sign in to my lovely blog,,,ngee =P
hurmm when i want to post this suddenly my pc were hang then i use my bro laptop,,,diam2 suda!!

take a deep breath all
i ask my daddy that i don wan to school at smt

Me : urmm dad can i change school from smt to naning??
 Dad : hurmm no you can't,,,you make me feel dizzy....i have confirm with this teacher to help you to get into that school now you've changed ur mind,,,say truthly u want to school at smt or naning??
Me : ouh really,,urmm if like that i want to school at smt if i didn't get i want to school at naning,,okay??
 Dad : okay,,,,

then my daddy ask me did i know what is programming computer??What will you figured out??then i said i know it's about how to make a new software and reka a new computer that can understand what we will say and many2 things,,,,hurmm that my ans to my daddy,,,my dad said if i'm genius then i will create a powerful computer and how they program for you!!after spm u will have practical and trows dpt ijazah no need for diploma,,,my dad said like that,,but after spm i want to choose matrik coz i love it n it can bring me far away from malaysia,,,as i know my cousin at singapore twins they choose matrik,,,

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