Dec 19, 2012

t ara and snsd

OMG ...
i really admire them for all my life . they are so cute and pretty although they had made a plastic surgery and i fall in love with their best songs ever with the cute dance ...
they are my unnies forever and ever !!!
i really want to watch them in a reality not just in youtube and i really want to meet and shake their hands ! ouh that will be the greatest moment in my life ... 
well as you know soyeon is a former member in snsd group and she had an accident for the past year and she still do the best for the sake of her group T ara ... OMG she is the best leader and t ara is the great group same goes with SNSD ~~
THIS JANUARY they will be in malaysia ... 


again !!!

first of all i want to say hi to all my viewers and my followers 
here i just want to share you alls about my day today !
i woke up earlier in the morning today and i do nothing ... at 9 am i do some chores and after that i ask my dad to enter the keyword of the internet ... yup my dad block the internet at my sis laptop .
after i'm satisfied playing with the internet i just feel bored and called ayien ... 
just to ask what were they doing at the meeting friends ...
and in this evening my mom, my little sisters, and me bake cheese tarts again ... because it has a really great taste and maybe my mom want to do a business on it to earn extra money ...
and me maybe i will work at the factory with syiida and ina ...
and i want to make a small business of tupperware online with syiida ..
yeah looks like syiida will be my partner soon ! 
okay till here then ... i'll write later ~~

Dec 18, 2012


Actually today i have a meeting with my friends but my dad doesn't allowed me to go and i just don't mind . well i have a lot of work to do at my house !
sorry guys because i can't follow you alls ...
have a happy gathering !!!

a few days more we are going to the year of 2013 . Happy New Year !
and Merry Christmas ..

Dec 17, 2012

A Quote

lim eun kyeong profile



  • Name: Lim Eun-Kyeong
  • Hangul: 임은경
  • Profession: Actress and Model
  • Birthdate: October 7, 1983
  • Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  • Height: 162cm
  • Weight: 39kg
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Star Sign: Cancer
  • Family: Parents




  1. Lim is the only child and loves to raise pets.
  2. Lim's parents are both deaf. Lim is fluent in sign language.
  3. Lim's early life with the handicapped parents was published as story book in 2006.

Eun Kyeong Lim

this korean actor is really cute

she is so cute isn't it ? she acts in the doll master korean horror movie ... she is just look like a doll  
i really love to watch this movie ... 

try to watch !

Dec 16, 2012

hey you alls

petang semalam dan petang hari ini ...
i've been watched a korean horror movie ... and the movies are so best and i like it 
it is about a psycho mom 
and the other one is about a psycho girl ...
so just want to share with you all ... i'm bored

oh yeah my classmates and i will have a gathering for 2012 ... this wednesday at 9 am ...
can't wait and i really hope that my parent will allowed me to go ... 
really hope ... kay i want to dance around bye !

Dec 14, 2012

t ara sexy love

pyramid found in Malaysia

do you believe in this ?
well i just found out about it when my father said that he had read this article on internet .
so if this is really true so that's mean we are so lucky and proud of this arc ...
pyramid not just found in mesir but in peru and other places too have this arc ...
this pyramid found in Pahang and was said that if someone came into this pyramid and when a person came out they will got a weird disease and it can cure by itself after a few weeks ...

cheese tart ... i'm coming for u

my mother planned to bake cheese tart tonight ... maybe at 8 pm and after we have done we can watch smiley movie while eating cheese tart ...
ouh it must be a great moment ...
i will upload some pictures of it to share with you alls ... i hope we will made it ... 
uhuh !
so how's your holiday ... did you have an unexpected journey in your life ?
oh ho that's true The Hobbit ...
okay that's all for the time being . i will upload the pictures of my family's cheese tart ...
if it's nice so i can sell it out ... hahaha just make a joke ... why not if it's true anyway ~~

p/s : thanx for visiting my lovely website ... this blog means a lot to me and i really love this blog ...

Dec 13, 2012

snsd prank seohyun on her birthday

hurmm so cute and so nice of them ... 
seohyun the maknae had been prank by her members ...
i love to watch this video !

t ara cute cam

hwayoung is being bullied by t ara ? i don't know whether that's true or not ... and now hwayoung is no longer with t ara ... so poor ! but maybe t ara have their reason why they kick out hwayoung ...