Jan 7, 2011


so well and whatever....this week i felt so freakin tired but happy go lucky,,,
well i was waiting for my smteknik school i donnow whether i will get it or not . next monday i will get my result so i juz waiting and waiting . i really hope that i can get out from tbss school as soon as possible i really stress and i hate that school maybe!!
first day school macam biase x banyak yang berubah . i got sains class 4 teguh kelas 4 science 3....hurmm kene amek perakaunan tapi xpe aq pon nak pindah so i don't care about it so much . my friends atitude no changes at all but they are still kind with me tapi kekadang they are really annoyed me...hurghh tension aku lah!!
hurmm second day till today aku macam happy go crazy siket doe...huwa huwaa!!
okay now i'm goin to tell about how i'm goin to move , well x susah p0wn firz aku gi skolah tbss dulu macam biase then my daddy will come to school to get borang untuk pindah then daddy akan bawak aku pergi ke pejabat ppd pastuh baru pergi sekolah yang aku nak kalau aku xdapat smteknik but i hope i can get it without any complicated . tapi skull tuh ade orang aku kenal drpd tbss ayoi hurmm die and sepupu die fahmi so menyibuk...tapi takpe hak diowunk unn aku xkesah pon!!
so aku dah nekad nak pindah although my friends prevents me tapi aku rase ini choice yang terbaik wokk!!hahahaxx....but whatever it is i'm not goin to forget u all meyh~~i'm goin to miss u all -_-
liana jom pindah same but ko ni menyibuk arghh....hahaha just kidding lorh!!