Dec 13, 2010


yesterday i help my mom cooking sardine all by myself....haha i'm a good cooker u know??hurmm not bad,,,
i try to find asam jawa but i couldn't found it anywhere in the kitchen so i tried to kol my mom but she didn't answer...hurghhh i'm so frust n tension....i try to ask my grandma and she said terletk at tmpt biase but i didn't saw it...then i tried to find at tmp garm then i bru jmpe,,,,hurghh i'm sooo maddd at that time but as a pro chef i should be patient hahaxxx =p
after i finished cooking so i serve it on the table....after that i play with my cats n so that's all,,,,,actually watever i do yesterday i've forget..becoz too many thing i'd done yesterday...hurmm=(

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