Mar 22, 2013

11.38 pm

i don't know what tittle i want to put ...
so about today i'm quite active ! yeah around 10 am i woke up and get ready to clean my bathroom because it's already a long time i haven't clean up my bathroom since 2 months ago i guess . wahaha what a lazy girl i am ! hey i'm working so i'm a little bit tired . actually much tired ~~
okay after i'd cleaned the bathroom i took a bath . hey i took almost 2 hours in the bathroom . that's me . no stain okay . keep it clean ! after i'd done all that things ... my mom remind me to tidy up the wet and dry kitchens . and around 3 pm ... i cooked . sardine for today's menu . and after that my father and i went out to take my new ic at alor gajah . since my ic already done so my father took me to the maybank to open my account . maybank account so my salary will be transferred into my account . so after that we just went home directly . then my father took my mother to optical shop . yeah now my mother is wearing a spectacles . she has long sightedness . yeah very beautiful and suitable for her . she looks more younger and more different before this . 
oh yup tomorrow night my family will have a dinner including me of course . i'm as the " penyambut tetamu " for the event . wow i can't wait and tomorrow is my first time wearing a kebaya . woahhh !!! i hope i enjoy my day ~~ good luck for me . 
so guys till next entry okay ... transformer - bumblebee - omg i love that autobot . so cute and childish and just wonderful .