Aug 19, 2011

omigee ..

it have been a long time i haven't update my blog ... i don't have a time and i just online my blog and check out what's news that's all and i just waste my time with design for my blog so it will be always new and cheer ... so people won't get bored and always come and visit my blog everyday and thanks to god also thanks to you all who always have a time for visiting my blog ... so grateful !!! and happy ... ngee ~~

well that day on tuesday i'd a camping at my school for three days and i just love it ... it has many activities and a lot of challenging programmes ... if i story it will be a long story to tell and i think my finger will be cracked .. huhu ~~ all that i can say is i'm enjoying while i'm at the camping and i feel so calm .. the programme's name is IHYA RAMADHAN !!! it's all about religious and i realised what i'm doing all this while and i tried to be a better person ~~ i will

a better person ?? hurmm one of my friend said that i've changed a little bit and i didn't realised that !! and she told me that i'm better than before and she loved to be friend with perfect team ... mehehe ~~ and thanks to god ... and she is my lovely cousin , ieya ... ILYDSM ... i will come to your house during eid okay ... if god wills it !!