Dec 13, 2010


well this evening i play football wif my bro...hahaxx..relax it's just like futsal!!!huhu~~
today i call anyss....she is very talkahollic..haha don't angry lorhhh....
she talk about her family n so wutever..hurmmm =)
she is juz my ordinary friends but she is so kind...but i won't forget bout all my best friend at bf is more better than her i think huhu~~

all my cats is sulking wif us bcoz they jealous a new cute cat come bothering them at home...they didn't want to come back they juz playin outside...when i shake their food then they will run as fast as they could to get the food...all mycats including my new cat are really pretty and has a smoothy fur on their body...huhu~~
i love u sygs my cat...mmmuahhhzxxxz...

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