Aug 12, 2011


hurmm my parent went out just now going to AG to buy some stuff and i'm staying with my granny and my little sister ... my second sister is at the scol she'd something to do at her school and i'm going out for  awhile this evening going to tampin maybe to buy my things ... with my parent and tomorrow i just don't know where are we going to heading to !!! tuesday i will not be at home until thursday cause i'm going to camping for ihya ramadhan ... and it will definitely going to be a great day for me on this ramadhan's month ... ouchh i can't wait for that ... hurmm i will have two camps for this month the same activity it's for ramadhan activity named ihya ramadhan ... it will be held at my school and the second sesion will be held out of school and maybe we will stay at calet ... hurmm i hope this program could give me some pengajaran for me ... well nama pun ihya ramadhan of course it will be a good things for me ... and for this month and i hope forever i will going to do a good things only no bad things ... i hope so but my social life is not going to be out of that ... my social life i will cover and i will control it okay ... norita , nolita , nobita ... huhu ~~

LoveLy FridaY

today i went to school like usual and after i arrived at school i met ieya and shake her then we talk and talk and suddenly she come out with her camera and show me the picture of yesterday ... wow excited nye diorang and i start felt regret because i can't join them breaking fast at Rimbun Corner ... hurmm  but then i feel okay ... it's okay my fate what can i do ... hurmm furthermore x ramai yang pergi hanya 11 orang je !!! haiyaaa ... tapi diorang look really happening
okay lepas tuh cikgu suzie panggil kitorang suruh beratur at astaka untuk baca yaasin  ... kat dewan x boleh sebab dewan digunakan utk PMR trial so we have to stand ... after reciting yaasin cikgu khusyai bagi ceramah sedikit ... hurmm what's wrong with malay's people especially girls ... something like that lah die cuba untuk sampaikan ... 
okay GTG papai ...