Dec 30, 2010

2011 Kangei...sayonara 2010

i'd so many sad and happy memories in 2010,,,well for 2011 i juz want the best for me n my family so tonight whole world will celebrate new year so have a happy party!!i feel like i don't want to talk much coz i'm moody...yeah i know we should be happy not sad but i juz can't stand n i really moody rite now =(  i juz donnow..i'd no mood T__T to talk about 2011 so let's change topic n it will make me feel better....=)


i'm in dilemma whether smt or naning,,,but i'll choose the best for me and i'll follow daddy's choice bcoz it's for my future...and one more smt is goin to be college nex year i think one world know bout it...well i think i'll school at smt if i get into it...hurmm juz pray for me babe,,,
urmm now my dilemma is over,,,

Malaysia Vs Indonesia

kat sini semua orang taw yang malaysia mng wlaupun klh at indonesia,,,urmm kau tgk tak mke indonesia mcm mne???frustrated gile seyh,,,tapi malaysia ni melampau gak aku tengok sbb smbutan meriah gile2 klau mng nan brazil xpelah jugak ini indon alahhh pe class,,,,aku bkn nk kutuk tapi sambutan tuh jgn lah besar-besaran sgt x mmbazir kew??pastuh trlmpau berlagak sgt...atoyai org2 malaysia nieyh,,,,hurmm yg maen at indon tuh defends malaysia mcm tah pape r...yelaaa indon dpt bola bknnye nk rebut ke or hlg diowunk,,,haisyyyhh...ntahlah aq mlz nk ckp psal bnde nieh...baek aku ckp psal bnde laen,,,,

No Way!!

today my grandma come back home wif pakngah but pakngah juz dropped by for awhile then he went back to kl at 7.30 pm...well i juz want to write a new post this evening but i can't coz i'm afraid my computer will hang so my intention had vanished...after my bro had left home juz now so i juz grab his laptop then i used it...ngee~~
he left home for futsal and tomorrow he will be goin to pahang for futsal friendly,,,hurmm he alwayz busy with his own world it is futsal doang!!!oopppss b.indon terkeluar deyh!!!hwaaa...hwaaa = D
hurmm tergendala skjp bagi kucing2 mkn,,,,
okayh smbung cyte...smpai mne eak???
this morning i watch tv at 9 pm....Is Save The World!!zapp!zapp!
that story was so best and the best ever,,,actually i'd watch it before and this is the second time
well who had watch it so u know how the story begin and end...
ouh afer i watched the story i take a bath for 30 mins,,then my mommy ask me to clean the house because my lord on the way home,,,so ape lagi aku and sis aku kemas rumah,,,huhh so exhausted u know!!tapi berbaloi sbb aku puas hati,,,hurmmm actually my lord tuh is my grandma i call her puan,,,hurmm she is juz like queen in the house,,,although she isn't a modern person but her brain is more modern than ur grandma,,,don't take it serious i just joking lorhh!!