Dec 28, 2010


yesterday night i can't sleep well i donnow why??my sis also had a same situation so we juz talking bout anything,,,we sleep at 3.30 a.m.,,,before that we went to the toilet...after that we went to bed again then my sis want to drink some water and she said wait 5 minutes then we'll go but she fell asleep as i'm too,,,hurmm then i woke up early in the morning coz my bro ask me to lock the door and he went to his practical while my mom n dad they were out,,,my grandma at kl stay wif makngah for 1 week,,,,usually my grandma will lock the door whenever my grandma isn't around so i'm the one who will lock the door,,,,after a few minutes my mom come back n i open the door then i went back to bedroom n fell asleep

after 1 hour my mom ask me to do somthing while she pick up my dad at hospital(therapy),,,,,then i was so sleepy,,,before my mom went out she will check wether i did or not wat she ask me too,,,after that she will go,,,after she had gone out i continue enjoy my sleeping day!!huhu~~
sudenly i heard someone knock the door i thought it was my mom then i quickly do what she ask me to do then when that person came into the house i really feel relieve coz it's not my mom but it's kak long,,,,she try to escape from her GB n not attend the meeting at school,,,,luckily her GB doesn't know where is my house if not she will be looking for kak long,,,,huhu~~
kak long said she had wrong using her power as GB,,,so kak long n her friends not pretty much like her!!if i'm in kak long's shoes i will do the same thing...hahahazzzxxx
hari ahad she supposed attend to school but she didn't show up she gave reason that she had fever,,,,,tapi waktu i n kak long otw to melaka kak long saw GB'car menuju ke tampin then drpd situ kak long taw yg dye tipu today kak long pakat wif her frenz no to come school hny sbg dendam hari ahad...ari ahad tuh kak long n kwn2 dye dtg except GB so ari ni GB sowunk je dtg skull yg laen semue x dtg,,,huhu ksian btowl dgn GB kak long i tuhh,,,hurmm tulah ske sgt menipu..kak long told me that she love to lied n slh gnkan kuase as GB at sekolah agama tuh...hesyyyhh so terrible she supposed to be fired,,,semua kerja dye kak nisah yg buat lpz uh wktu meeting dye ckp "semua kerja sudah saya siapkan",,,,in fact kak nisah yg siapkan,,,nme dye je yg naek,,,huiihhh berapi hati kak nisah,,,hurmmm hisshhh ape pny GB ntah,,,one day she will receive ats prbuatan dye sndiri,,,ustazah lax tuh tpy ske lied to people!!!hurmm,,,,=p

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