Jan 22, 2012

GoOd mOrnIng

hello everybody ! feeling good ? i'm feeling so good and calm . another a few minutes i've to get ready for my extra class today . i hope my extra class will work smoothly and nothing will happen . i'm going to focus and concentrate on what will teacher teaching today . ouh yup today is chemistry class . chemistry , chemistry , chemistry ... 
one question . have you all take a bath ? me not yet . hahahah 
just relax and chill , i'm going to take a bath 30 minute before 8 . 45 am . hurmm what a lovely morning and fresh air . i love to wake up in the morning because i feel so calm and i feel very fresh although i haven't take a bath yet . if you want to have a feeling like me come on let's wake up early in the morning . hurmm when i've got a class then i will wake up in the morning if not ... understand it urself .... ouh yesterday night i watched ip man 's movie at tv 3 . i love to watch ip man . my favourite chinese channel . and one more thing i want to say