Jun 9, 2012

Goodbye Holiday

hurmm ... another 2 days school will be open . ouchh i feel like no spirit going to school ! i donnow why , but i hope on that monday it will be a great day for me . thank to god because my powerpoint is already done by yesterday . it give me a headache . my head spinning around and i feel like i'm going crazy ...but now i don't have to think about how am i going to do because i'd finished it with help by internet ( mr . google ) ... so are you ready going to school ? okay let me guess maybe u all feel very lazy because dah 2 minggu cuti kott ... and enjoy here and there ! unlike me i'm not going anywhere selama cuti ni because yeah as you know my parent always busy all the time and no time for us to go out here and there . it kinda different unlike before when i was in shah alam . every weekend we will go out for shopping . but now it is hard for now . well what i'm going to do . my parent have their own business . whatever just forget it . it's not important and u won't understand . well i think sampai sini je kot because i want to go for my dinner time . dinner before 7 pm otherwise u will be .... nahhh !
kay bye and take care u alls !

p/s : school day is around the corner ! enjoy meeting friends and teachers !