Dec 2, 2011

3 december 2011

what's with the date ?? actually it's just nothing , mehehe ~~
hurmm it's so hot today and i feel exhausted but i'd made orange juice and i put it into the fridge so i hope it has been cold already ... hurmm it must be so nice and relieved ... ouchh
hurmm my task during school holiday isn't complete yet another 3 papers > religion's subject , mathematic and add math , chemistry ... hurmm just when i can done it ~~ but it's okay because i'm going to do it during study group and i can ask them what's the answer .. hahaha i'm a lazy girl ... woopps don't say like that ... hurmm ='( 
okay whatever i don't care what i care is i can always update my blog since my bro is still here ... ouh yups i can update my blog using my sister's laptop ... what a great idea IF my sister will do ...

study group ...

study group will be held on monday next week with ina's group and i think of i want to ask farahin to come along ... if she want too ,,, she'd ask me to come to her house but i can't promise that because i don't know whether my daddy would give me a permission to go out ... hurmm my daddy is a quite strict and he is full of discipline like an army but he isn't ... he is so fierce that make me freak out and afraid of him but sometimes he is funny too ... hahaha ~~
well right now i'm listening to the music at youtube ... hurmm 
i want to upload more pic of mine and my family into this blog ... ouh goshh !!

바보 같은 큐피드

it's just really make me feel annoying and so frustrated ... how dare you and i won't and never want to contact with you anymore and you are just a stupid cupid person and i really get frust with you and i just can't stand with you ... i want you to go away and will you not disturb me again and just act that we don't know each other ... ouchh it's so annoying ,,, grr hahahahaha go to hell or whatever ... let's the game begin for the next year meyh !!! wopps that sound quite creepy yeah whatever ... well just wait and see for next year ... i have a big plans and i will make it success ... and work smoothly although next year i have a big exam soon !!!

si tudung tweet

haha best sgt cerita die ... i love the ending part when marissa get together with zubaidah ... and she looks so cute .. kamariah is quite beautiful too ... ouch the best movie ... funny ;)
juliana evans as marissa , liyana jasmay as zubaidah , izzue islam as shuhaimi 
haha that's all i know ... 

a little hafif

i have one little cute nephew named hafif ... he is such cute boy and really spoiled 
he also a genius one ... he is a talkative and friendly ... 
naughty ?? yes he is quite naughty but that's normal for boy ... 
come on let's take a look at his nice picture down here !!

this is his video webcam