Jan 30, 2013


malas lah nak beri tajuk kat atas tuh !
hey just now i just bought mascara, eye liner and perfume . so i really satisfied that i can make up my face whenever i'm going out like usual . after i reached home ... aku belek-belek lah benda yang aku baru beli tadi . bila aku bukak mascara je ... berus mascara tuh tercabut , tertinggal kat dalam tuh ... adoooyaii ... ok sebagai pengguna aku ada hak untuk tuntut mascara yang baru . petang nih aku nak pergi kedai tuh balik tukar yang baru . hesyyh nasib, nasib ... but fortunately aku rajin aku bukak kalau aku x bukak tadi ... aku biarkan sampai esok ... agak-agak boleh tukar x ? hurmm ntah lah !!!



ok i've really made up of my mind that i'll come back to my work place tomorrow . i want to earn more money . i don't want to find another job because i'm such a lazy girl ... huhu ~~ 
so to me : happy working day ! 
masih ku teringat lagi sewaktu mula-mula aku masuk kerja dulu . it's definitely funny . without knowing anyone ! omg could you imagine that ? i just feel like want to cry and follow my parent to home . but now i feel like want to stay work at there . hahaha it's so funny . 

p/s : it better go to work than staying at home !


i don't know what to think and what to say . maybe after a week i will come back to my work place if my friend doesn't quit . 
it is really bored staying at home and i really miss my friends at the factory . 
hey what can i do at home ? help my mother to cook ? oh absolutely not because i don't like to cook . i know how to cook but just a little bit . i'm just interested in baking a cake or cookies or deserts . yeah i know ... there is a lot of things i can do with house chores but after i have done all those things ? then i'll sleep all day . yeah that's the best thing i've ever do it . but my parent would scold me . hurmm ~~
if i had a phone so that i can send a text to all of my friends . it musn't be bored as i'm bored right now . my brain is empty and full of a bored sickness ... damn it !!
i'd rather went to work than staying at home doing nothing . i can't always with the laptop because i'm getting bored on it . there's no games that can make me fun . if there is a game that can make me fun i've to download it first ... omg what a mess !!!
hey help me ! i want to work so that i can earn money . oh one more thing . staying at home i can't earn money and just wasting my time with laptop . earn money is the better way for me so that i can buy a lot of things that i want . i love fashion, makeup, high heels ... my parent won't invest their money just for that stuffs . and they would say that it is so not good if u wear a makeup . it will just make your face ruined . but i enjoying make up my face because i love make up . but i really dislike wearing a lipstick on my lips . oh no . i felt that my lips are going to fall . i really not comfortable with that thing . blusher ? i'm not used to . i love to used mascara, eye liner, foundation, compact, eye shadow, contact lens and i think that's all . 
i love korean fashion . i love their cute dress, blouse, shirt, jeans, skirt and all of that . i love when they wear high heels and dance . omg i really want that high heels so that i can look tall . what am i talking about in this midnight ? i'm so nuts !!! kay bye see ya 


i've found this korean boy is so cute and handsome ...
i thought that korean boy isn't that much cute but this one is really drive me crazy with his good looking ...
check it out !

 i love this pic ... he looks so cool