Jan 18, 2011




u know what i never met someone like urmm...how am i going to say??
someone who is really "kind"!!"kind"???hurmm what "kind" of that??okay promise me not to feel hurt feeling i just going to say this only want to express what is in my deep heart so i hope u guys don't be angry and this message is related to someone...i just want to advice something like that!!

okay first they are keeping this secret from me although i am her "Best Friend" yeah right go to the hell or somewhere i couldn't see u anymore coz u r annoying...okay continue...
one day i found that girl named L passed her bf to another girl named F...but they are still couple..so i just suprise hearing that news...itupun Budak L overtalking so she had to explain to me...hurmm what kind of "Best Friend" is she to me??furthermore i don't treat her like my best friend so much because i have a loyalty bestfie at kl...i trust her so much!!then when i got the news i told farah but she said she already knew about that on FB...hurmm

kalau korang lah kan sanggup ke??L asked her bf to couple with another girl...hurmm kalau bf dye soh dye couple laen xpe gak ni ...huisshhh first time aku dengar bende kalut nih...hurmm BK.com just like that...
n yang paling annoyed me boleh die keep secret from me as her "Best Friend"....go to the hell with that word lah selenge or sengal or whatever!!okay actually aku dah lame nak cite bende nih cume maybe aku x terluah n skunk aku dah luahkan n i feel soo relieved...hurmm !! so stupid cupid and dumbiest...WTV

p/s:L asked her bf to accept F and her bf accepted that's mean...taw2 jelaa!!go to the hell,so suck with ur annoying "SECRETS"...klau kau terbace bende alah nih jagn marah aku lak aku just luahkan ape yang terpendam dalam ati aku dalam blog tersayang akuh...kalau kau nak block aku nye blog go ahead aku x kesah and one more thing u ave to ember we are not BFF anymore s.s.