Dec 23, 2010


today all pmr students had got their rsult this mornink at their lovely skull = i juz want to say congrates to whom got straight A and 8 A....congrates,congrates i'm happy for u all but to whom got failed we can try on spm coz it will dtermined where we will go to u or college or no don't give up!!
well u all didn't ave to know my result coz i'm not goin to tell u all juz find out urself where u want to get the answer!! it's up to u all =),,,,thnx to whom always wish me for the bez especially to my lovely mommy and daddy...luv u all ;)
to whom got straight A or not plizz don't forget to thank to ur god cuz Him really help u all...=)
okay ryte now pmr story will end from my life....wait for the nex yer pmr story,...huhu~~

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