Apr 11, 2013


i'm not happy with my life today ! yeah a lot of things happen today at my work place . firstly, early in the morning i'm not in a good mood ! i don't know why . well today i've to chop the flat strap bungee and feel like a dumb person . because it's difficult to chop it . oh i hate it ! i went through the difficult time today . but one thing that makes me happy and keeps smiling . with my friends i'm not alone by myself ! 
yeah one thing that makes me sad too . kak mira seems not to be closer with me anymore and she's more closer to my friend, ika . she didn't reply my messages as always . hurmm T_T
maybe she doesn't want to be friend of mine anymore . okay just abort it !
next week is the last week my friends at joubert . i don't know when can i meet them again . yeahh so sobbed ! i'm not going to quit because i think it's too soon so i've decide to continue working and earn much money and after that enjoy !!!
oh yup one more story . that guy is going to work at joubert back . omg if he is really want to work at joubert again i will quit from the joubert . yeah i'm serious ! hurmm he is so damn ~~ my friend said that he want to settle about something at the joubert . yeah he is such a big fat lier ! i really don't believe in him anymore and i will be friend with him and i will not forgive him . what the hell he said that i like him and i'm into so much with him . hello ! oh please he is absolutely out of his mind . he is juat a damn boy and i hate talking about him . just ignore it ! 
okay till the next entry okay !