Aug 11, 2011


i don't know what i'm going to write about ... firstly actually i planned i want to make an article on my blog but x menjadi ... and i thought after my article done i want to print it out and make it as a scrapbook but i don't know what is prevent me from doing that ... my daddy is support me but i just don't know and i thought maybe it's not time yet ... maybe i will do that after my spm result keluar ... i love to write , draw , and many things out there i want to try but not for now because i'm busy and rarely online my blog ... whatever abort it for a while i got some work have to be done right now !! see ya next time ... ILYGSM ~~ 

heaDer ...

i change the header ... picture of my friends yang berkesempatan snap pic with me before i moved here and i put it as my header ... huhu ~~ cun x ?? hahax
all of my friends are pretty and cute meyh ... ouchh i miss you all damn so much ,,, hurmm whatever
cantik x header baru aku ?? lawa x ? huhu ~~ suka-suki ...  xdelah header lama aku error so aku changed mse tengah browse pic on my computer file nampak pulak gambar tuh then aku pun put it a s my lovely blog's header ... mehehe ~~

No one ...

in fact , it's hard to fing a true friend that will be always with us and will be always appreciate us and remeber us forever . it's hard to find them who always be beside us when we in difficult or easy time . a friend is different with a true friend . a friend always laugh with us but when we i complicated time they will dump us and when they need us they will come after us ... i wonder what is use of friends ?? it's better we don't have friend than having one ... they always hurt us and never understand us ... a true friend is always bring us to kindness things ... i tried to find a true friend but i haven't found any of them ... a true friend never lie or never keeping any secrets and will be always share ...
have you found one ?? if u have found one you better keep them safely and love them like you love your family because a true friend is just like our family member ... once you lost them you will be regret and you will never found one ... 
like me .. i never found one !! but in the class i used to be closed with farahin , ieya , syera , amiera , laila and ina ... when will i found a true friend ?? 

hurmm it's look like i've to be like paris hilton who is looking for bestie ... on the magazine ... lolzz

that day i called eryn but she didn't pick up so she called me back after a few hours and we talk so much about ourselves and i feel happy ... not that happy ... but one day i will visit my old school at tbss ... at smk sek 10 ?? hurmm i don't know ... there's nothing left so what can i do there ... there is no one there that i want to meet ... whatever just abort it and it's just not important so muc but i miss my old home ... huhu ~~ ouch i remember one of my friend ... we are closed but not to closed ... i always study at her house but she doesn't live at there anymore she'd moved before me ... oh sabrina abdul razak i miss you so much ... i bet you must be happy staying at putrajaya right ?? i hope you'll be fine there .... IMSYDM ... eryn is going to do reunion so i wish that i could be there and it must be fun there ... huhu ... i will come for it ... never missed the great moment !!


ouch aku sedih sangat bila ieya bagitahu aku yang adik angkat dia nak pindah tahun depan ... kesian ieya hurmm kalau aku pun aku rasa benda yang sama jugak ... ieya x de asik perempuan tu yang dia sayang sangat kat ya ... sabar je la ieya 
papepun kau kena kuat ... be strong and be patient 
who knows one day you two will be together back !! aku tumpang simpati


ouh well dah lama x update blog rindu sangat
okay tadi kat sekolah 4 science kena reka sajak kemerdakaan ikut kreativiti sendiri so aku pun create ... haha terbaek !! terbaeklah sangat
humm aku punya sajak macam ntah lah ... aku rasa macam kelakar kot ... atoyaii tapi harap-harap x delah seteruk mana kan ... harap-harap boleh diterima ... ala daripada x de ... hurmm