Aug 19, 2012

before holiday

well i'm not supposed to read her blog because it will make me hurt . but it's okay i admit that what had happened before is my fault but you cannot blame me to all what had happened . this is not going to happen if someone can keep her secret ... i know i should have been keep quiet but no idon't know it's already past ...
so here i hope you can forgive me with a asincerely heart . you know what i've been sincerely apologize to u but why did you think negative about me ? yup i know i'm not the kind person like you thought anyway . but i hope we can be a friend like before . u know what ... every second we laugh together , we talk about each other , we have a fun together but now it's really obviously different . maybe this is because of me .
so from my sincerely heart i want to apologize to u . i hope u will never get any revenge towards me . i know it's difficult for u to forget all this but as a human we always make a same mistakes and mistakes . 
i just got to pray to allah . i have allah and my love to allah will be last long until the end of my life . 
i believe in allah's magic . 

p/s : what is happening must be have it reward . it's all allah's work and we can't deny it . 
        i really regret what i have done . 

well that day i've ask apologize to them all except boys . they are nothing to me . my friends really kind and nice and they are so awesome . i'm really impressed with them . they are beatiful from inside to outside . well i hope u can forgive all my mistakes and bad . but seriously i'd never feel any jealous to them and never want to revenge . but one thing i really think that i'm jealous and envy . they are all SMART and GENIUS . oh god i must beat them all . whahaha .... i hope we can be success in spm and answer with cool