Dec 30, 2010

No Way!!

today my grandma come back home wif pakngah but pakngah juz dropped by for awhile then he went back to kl at 7.30 pm...well i juz want to write a new post this evening but i can't coz i'm afraid my computer will hang so my intention had vanished...after my bro had left home juz now so i juz grab his laptop then i used it...ngee~~
he left home for futsal and tomorrow he will be goin to pahang for futsal friendly,,,hurmm he alwayz busy with his own world it is futsal doang!!!oopppss b.indon terkeluar deyh!!!hwaaa...hwaaa = D
hurmm tergendala skjp bagi kucing2 mkn,,,,
okayh smbung cyte...smpai mne eak???
this morning i watch tv at 9 pm....Is Save The World!!zapp!zapp!
that story was so best and the best ever,,,actually i'd watch it before and this is the second time
well who had watch it so u know how the story begin and end...
ouh afer i watched the story i take a bath for 30 mins,,then my mommy ask me to clean the house because my lord on the way home,,,so ape lagi aku and sis aku kemas rumah,,,huhh so exhausted u know!!tapi berbaloi sbb aku puas hati,,,hurmmm actually my lord tuh is my grandma i call her puan,,,hurmm she is juz like queen in the house,,,although she isn't a modern person but her brain is more modern than ur grandma,,,don't take it serious i just joking lorhh!!

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