Apr 16, 2011

HeLL0 TO wORld

hello to whole world,,,hurmm it's been so far along time i haven't update my blog and i miss u Lollita,,,huhuxx
well i've been so busy with my activities at school with my netball practicing because we are going to the netball competition...well and one more thing my daddy doesn't allowed me to online blog sangat he ask me to study and study,,,although this year is not my year but next year will be mine!and it's not a long time...masa sangat laju...every second is really meaningful so let's not waste our time...my daddy have adding two rules in this house,,,firstly,whoever want to go out anywhere must tell him first it's such like ask permission and secondly of course must be speaking all day long to improve our standard english,,,ouchh but it is for our sackness and they love us...hurmm


aku tengok satu video clip ni memang best gile r...ckgu shida miming!!lagi2 waktu die miming lagu kalau berpacaran memang cool gile,,,tambahan kelakar nak mampos,,,cekgu beb selambe jewk!!tapi kire okey r sampai masuk berita metro and ramai jugaklah yang view video die but tak boleh comment disallowed,,,papep0wn aku enjoy tengok video tuh,,,hahaxxx =D...lolz