Feb 13, 2013


if u sad , what will you  do ? 
if i'm feeling sad , i will lose my appetite . 

if u are happy , what will you do ?
if i'm happy , i will lose my appetite and i will think about what makes me happy for the whole day ! great feeling . or listen to the music .
p/s : my friend describe me as a weird person when i told her about this . 

if u are angry , what will you do ?
if i'm angry , i will play a game or voice out my feeling at my friends and my blog . 

if you are bored , what will you do ?
i will eat as much as i can . i try to find something interesting food at the kitchen and eat it .

how about you guys ?

the LatEst Pic oF mInE

hari ini keluar satu hari suntuk . wahhaha x delah bosan sangat kan . ni hah pun aku baru je balik lepas buat ic yang baru . yepee !!! all settled ! aku saje je snap pic ... nak upload gambar yang terbaru , ecehh !! hahah ~~

p/s : besok dah start kerja balik ! seronoknya ...