Jan 1, 2011

ScHooL dAy!!

hurrmm tomorrow is my first day school and to all students...hope u all enjoy with ur first day school,,,,meet a new friend,find a new experience and many more!!okay for now let's just forget about that..
hurmm aku dah lame tak jumpe best friends aku at KL and Putrajaya....i wonder when can i meet them all??
i miss them so much,,,i'm busy here and they also busy at there but sometimes we connect through phone....sometimes we message and make a call but now not anymore,,,i really busy here with my own world n my new year....well i just donnow when i want to go there and meet them at one utama,pavillion,midvalley or where else i can meet them...i'd plan that we will meet at o.u. but xjadi coz my daddy doesn't allow me...he went there for work so i can't follow my daddy but one day i will go there with my family or anyone else...if i could!!
whatever it is "HaPpY DaY ScHooL"

History Day

hurmm pagi tadi veterina kol my mommy and said my cat,chubby died...hurmm bile aku tahu je chubby mati aku sedeyh gile....chubby my favourite cat,,,die tuh comel gile aku sayang sangat at dye...skunk kucing at rumah tinggal 9 ekor je...hurmm sedeyh sedeyh,,,tinggallah kenangan aku dengan die,,,pastuh doktor tu cakap kene amek dye at klinik so kitowunk p0wn amek dye sambil tuhh kitowunk bawa cippy skali nak dibedah untuk mandulkan dye...mommy dh xthan nk bela kucing bbnyak lagi dahh....
so sampai je sane cippy dibawa ke doktor untuk diperiksa sme ade die pregnant atau x....lepas dh dpt result yg dye x pregnant so boleh di operate....sbelum amek chubby yg dibeku dlm peti ais kitowunk gi naek atas nak tengok kucing laen...comel gile...macm2 jenis kucing adew...my mommy nak amek kucing persian yang maseh kecik lagi tapi xboleh sebab die maseh xcukup bulan utk dipisahkan dengn mak dye...kucing tuh hrge RM 800...cantek sgttt!!!mommy nak beli lepas rumah baru dibuat n then buat rumah kucing pulak,,,
lepas dh puas tengok kucing baru kitowunk baleq n amek chubby bwak baleq utk dikuburkan..hahaha macm human being pulak....sedeyh gyleee T__T....nak buat camne kucing dh saket....hurmm =(
virus tuh dh mrebak smpai ke otak...!!

So Sad..hurmm =(

my daddy didn't allow me to open youtube anymore,,,because he said music is not important the most important is study only....hurmm so sad =(
bye bye youtube...=P

hahaha i don't care about youtube i juz care about something else that i'm no longer hear someone voice,laugh,make  me smile alwayz...what's that??hurmm myself didn't know either so think about it,,,it's juz waste ur time n my time to think about that...it's not important anymore what's important to me??
the important thing ;)
1) my future is in my hand it's study hard n get the better result so i won't be that so regret
2) i want braces =)
3) i want what i want in my life it's success in my life n i can get whatever i want no matter how's the way to get it
4) nothing much-don't work hard work smart

hahaha =D
I Don'T Care About You Anymore!!!

Novel Papa

NOVEL PAPA(Akhirnya Kau Tewas Jua)

Aku baru je lepas baca sinopsis Novel Papa,,,sedih jugak lah cite die...it's all about true love and sympathies all that , i juz read the sinopsis in the internet,i can't wait nak dapatkan bukuteks form 4...aku nak baca penuh pasal Papa sebab tengok drpd sinopsis die macam best gile so lepas aku dpt novel Papa ni aku nak baca sampai habis sampai i feel so satiesfied,,,hurmm xpe2 another one day to wait for the school to open....i want to take aliran sains kowdd if i move to another school i'll choose autumotif at smkn kalau at smkdsmz(opps not school anymore but it will become college) computer programming....itu semue aku pilih brdsrkan minat aku yg gile2...hahaha =D
kalau kowunk bace mesti mengayat hati gile lah but bagi form 3 lah kalau yg dh lepas form 4 mesti dah taw jalan cite dye..btowlx??btowl,btowl,btowll...huhu~~

hurmm well i' watching tv while drink tea...!!