Dec 19, 2010


hurmm today i bz withdesign my blog beautifully...huhu~~aren't my blog beautiful??hurmm s.s....haha
well today i juz stay at home not goin anywhere coz mommy doesn't allowed me too,,,
tdy makngah n grandma ajk i gy mkn luar at pengkalan but mommy ask me to stay home so i juz obey them...xpelah biarlah adek2 aq je yang pegy aq dowk umh melayari blog ksygn aq nieh huhu~~
hurmm after a few hours suddenly my sweety cat ilg oppsss silap my mommy sweety cat..heheh
i search it around and around xjmpe2 p0wn....dh lh tecik comel lagy...hurmm aq gyle risau...
and at last aq xjmpe but kcing tuh ade nan mommy aq..hishhh grm jew mommy juz laughing at me..hurmm =('s my bro fault sbb dye ckp sweety ilg so aq cry lah round satu bro bknnye nk gtaw yunk sweety ade nan mommy aq....grmmm jew

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