Apr 1, 2011


well my father agreed what i say to him,,,i will update my blog and surfing internet only on weekend day...hurmm i think that's the best decision i did,,,perhaps!
well now i;m such a boring,,,cannot hangout with my friends,cannot out nowhere...ouchh i'm so loneliness lol~~
hurmm yesterday night i ade family meeting for a while just to solve a bit of problem,,,and i'm not intefere because i'm still young to talk about adult story and all that...whatever
ouchh u all don't have to know what happened last night don't be such a busybody...and i'm sure u guys don't want to know,,,hahahait's family problems..
maybe on 15 april i will be going to tbss just to take what's mine...and seeing my old friends,,,lagipun tarikh tuh malacca cuti so i've time to go there...bile lagi nak pergi kalau bukan hari jumaat nanti!!


ouch dah lame x update blog because i'm such a busy person this lately,,,haha busy lah sangat!!
yesterday evening i went to netball practise...sengaja show-up coz i really bored staying at home...
and yesterday is my enjoying day and my happiest day....first because yesterday is my daddy's birthday and my parent anniversary...second i dah dapat what i want to...hahaaha i'm so satisfied
well it's been a week i'm not feeling well asyik coughing , fever and throatache...maybe because i drank ice water   at midnight,,,haha serve my right!!ouchh that's so such a jerk...
well whatever happen i still enjoying my life and happy with my day,,,