Jun 11, 2011


ouhhh today is a bored day u all...ouchh my cousins nak balik kl dah,,,well it just so fun staying at kl...well i can shopping at o.u. , pavillion , and so many places...at kl isn't like at malacca..hurmm =(
when can i go to kl...??i miss my place so much
hurmm today my daddy pergi kl untuk kerja...he work as photographer lecturer...hurmm kalau ade orang panggil untuk mengajar so he has to go kl...hurmm i thought of following him but cannot...tapi my daddy said he would take my bro and me there...one per one so i guess bila??hurmm
kalau gi kl dapat lah jumpa kawan2 at sana....ouchh guys i miss u all so much lorhhh....korang miss aku x??
kalau miss kenapa it's been a long time u all didn't call me anymore??hurmm yelaa...aicehh x delah just kidding i know u guys are so busy with your work at there...lolzz
well i'm just with my own world...and busy with my own bussiness here hahaxx..i'm still student so it so much work to do,,,hurmm luckily i tukar sekolah or not my life will be very bored at smk tbs nanti...lolzz
not lot of luck but lot of looser...oh goshh!!

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