Jun 11, 2011


here i want to wish to my big brother afiq(kaka)...happy birthday to you sorry no present to give to you...well his age now is 20 years old...haha he is "old" already...whatever it is i hope you will alway happy in you life may god bless you always and have a great day every moment...so i will pray for your happiness on earth and hereafter...have a nice day bro!!huhu~~i'm supporting you from back
he has so much talented on singing,dancing such as stepup and so whatever,in futsal,and he has his own life style and he is so much impressing and amazing...i'm so lucky to have a brother like him,,,urmm although sometimes he is annoying but he is still my nice brother...he is quite handsome and cute...hahaxx whoever want to be his friends or S.G.F can be...because he is still single and still find his match...lolzz
have a lucky life bro for all ur life meyh!!mehehe~~

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