Jun 11, 2011


yesterday i can't sleep and i have to sleep late yesterday night...this lately i can't sleep well i don't know why...pukul 1 or 2 a.m. baru boleh tidur,,,,so yesterday i take advantage menyiapkan kerja sekolah english then i thought this morning i want to wash my school shoes but i feel so lazy to do that hurrmmm =(
but i have to because tomorrow is school and ada perhimpunan rasmi so setiap hari isnin we have to be neatly,,,kerja sekolah aku pun hampir siap ada yang x taw i just leave it like that then at school tomorrow i'll just ask my friend...i thought after i'd done my homework i want to watch tv3 sea beast but i'm too tired and so sleepy so i just go to bed without  bothering the movie last night...hurmm it's better if i just go to bed than watch the tv with my puffy eyes...hahahaxx it's so suck lolzz...kay chaww

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