Feb 1, 2013


best kot cite tuh . baru je habis tengok . ahahah esok dah lah kerja patuh boleh lak singgah tengok cite tuh .
kesian sonja dihukum bunuh oleh ayahanda sendiri . just because of sonja love lucian and pregnant lucian's child . her father should not do that to his own daughter . lepas anak dia mati taw pulak dia nak menangis . haiyyaa ~~ what a cruel father . 
lycans panggil kawan-kawan dia untuk datang menyerang vampire . huahua vampire pun kalah ! but the father of sonja x mati lagi . and lucian cakap this is just the beginning . wow ! 
just imagine lycans vs vampire . who will be the winner ? lycans of course . they are big, with a big sharp teeth, and have a great voice too ... =)
and at the ending of the story sonja's father takes this girl to become his daughter . lagipun the girl's family are all dead . dibunuh siapa ? the girl thought that lycans killed her family members but no . sonja's father do that to her ! sonja's father can't killed her because once he looked at her, he will remember at his lovely daughter yang dia dah bunuh dengan membiarkan anaknya kena cahaya matahari . biasalah vampire mana boleh kena pancaran cahaya matahari kan ... pengkhianatnya adalah siapa ? lucians or sonja or victor ( sonja's father ) ???

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