Jun 9, 2011

at LasT...

ouchh at last i can make my own header design...hurmm it's not that difficult...i learned from Karen's video how to make header for blogger...then i tried and at last i'm success...for 1 hour i guess i can make it,,,well let's forget about that!!
tomorrow is my cousin's wedding and i hope it will work smoothly...ouh it time for him to get married,,,tomorrow must be the best and a great day for him and his wife...well let's pray a happiness for him~~amen
it just so bored staying at home and heared someone nagging...i'm just so hate it and i can't stand...well she keeps nagging and nagging like a mad woman and she always tried to find my fault...all i do is wrong to her...let's just ignore it...
okay whatever i've lost my idea what to write in my blog just because of that old woman..well she isn't my mother she is my grandma...blaaaa blaaa

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