Apr 20, 2013

'segmen kenalkan diri - CIK i l y'

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1. Real name: Nur Najaa Kaha Binti Mohd Kaharuddin
2. Nickname: Najaa,Angah
3. Starsign and Age: Pisces,officially 18 years old
4. Male or Female: Guess It !!!

5. Facebook: No Facebook T_T
6. Website: mizzkeyna.blogspot.com - oh my lovely blogger forever
7. Twitter: No Twitter
8. Other: -

9. Hair color: Dark brown 
10. Long or short: Just a Nice Short 

11. Loud or Quiet: sometimes quiet but sometimes i love to make noises ~~
12. Sweats or Jeans: Jeans, Of course
13. Phone or camera:Phone . 
14. Health Freak: Yes ! oh i just really hate to eat medicine . oh tidak nanti tekak jadi loya selama seminggu . tu pun belum tentu lagi !
15. Drink or smoke: Definitely not . nak kena pelangkung dengan parent . oh tak !!!

16. Do you have a crush on someone: yeah banyak kali ...

17. Eat or drink: both of them ... ;)
18. Piercings: both of my ears ... kat hidung akan datang
19. Tattoos: just love it but Haram you olls 
Have You EverBeen in a relationship: hurmm malas nak jawab
Quarrel with someone u like: suka gila . hahaha tapi dengan orang yang i paling tak suka . waktu form 4 and 5 dengan orang yang sama kottt .... GRRR

Been in a car accident: Nope 
Been in a fist fight:Yup but i win !! ~~yelah tuh

First Piercing: don't remember much

Best Friend(s): my blog .. huhu

Award(s): never i think

Vacation: Thailand

Last Person you talked to: my mom
Person you texted to: nope untuk mase sekarang nih
Person(s) you watched movie with: my family

Food you ate: just now ... muffin with pudding
Drink you drank: nope

Movie you watched: coming soon

Song listened to: sieng sa eun - mai ai ser un
Thing(s) you bought: nothing lah bro !!! 

Person you hugged: ape punya soalan nih !!! maleh lah nak jawab ~~~ :)

Favourite Food: italian food ! japan food ... ape ntah nama nye dah lupo lahhh
Drinks: i love to drink strawberry juice !!

Have you ever Kissed in the snow: Never
Celebrated Halloween: oh yup
Had your heart broken: banyak kali kott T_T
Went over the limits on your cell phone: no
Came out of the closet: no

Gotten pregnant: NO
Had an abortion: never ...

Done something you've regretted: hang out with my friends senyap-senyap and Kantoiii
Broke a promise: ntah lah
Hide a secret: yupppp
Pretended to be happy: YES even right now
Met someone who changed your life: NOpe
Pretended to be sick: haha yes sebab malas nak tuisyen.kol teacher jgn datang rumah sebab sakit perut . huhu ~~
Left the country: -

Tried something you normally wouldn't try: haha memang hobi kot . 
Cried over the silliest thing: ya,ya,ya
Ran a mile: merentas desa ! haha tak sukaa
Went to the beach with your best friend(s): Never or coming soon

Stay single the whole year: yea betul . untuk selama-lamanya lagi bagusss !!!

Currently Eating: haiya manyak soalan yang sama lah weii
Drinking: Lu fikirlah Sendiri beb
Listening to: GRRR

Waiting for: my mom to cook

Your future

Want kids: Twins
Want to get married: hurmm ntah lah
Careers in mind: businesswoman or maybe an admin 

Which of it is better for boys/girls?

Lips or eye: Eyes . yang bulat tuh memang comel kott
Shorter or taller: mestilah tinggi sebab aku pun tinggi org nye .. haha
Romantic or spontaneous: spontaneous person is much better
Nice stomach or nice arm: both
Sensitive or loud: omg loud lah ... haha riuh nantii
Single or relationship: single 
Noisy or quiet: -_-

Have you ever Lost lasses/contacts: hurmm yup dah berapa tahun tak contact --- 3 years
Ran aways from home: Nope
Hold a gun or knife for self defense: of course leee ... 
Broke someone's heart: i don't think so
Been arrested: never sebab tak pernah buat jenayah .. bhaha
Cried when you lost someone: mestilahhh

Do you believe in

Yourself: yes but sometimes
Miracles: Yes.
Love at first sight: idk either
Heaven: nak
Santa Claus: never believe . nak kena sepuk dengan parent kee
Things last forever: yes dekat dunia tapi kalau kat akhirat nanti nothing last forever

Is there one person you want to be with right now: nope kan dah ade blog
Is there a person you make a promise with now: nope
Is there a person that you can't forget now: Absolutely
Is there something you really want to do now: Join segmen 
Is there something you really wish to have it now: yes but idk what .. hahaha
Is there something you wanted to say to someone now: nope kot


  1. datang dari segmen yang sama ;)


    Btw, memang penat jawab soalan yang sama ;)

  2. My blog is my best friend too x)
    Came from same segment, nice to meet you.

  3. tu lah kan.. de org suruh akk buat. sama2 penat .. hehe ! thanks join n support segmen akk yang merabang ni.


  4. condoriano : btw thanx for vsit my blog =)

    CIK ily : ok no problem kak . join segmen nih dah mcm sronok pulak smntara x de buat ape2 kan ... dh jd stu hobi ... ;)
    apepun kalau akk ade buat sgmen mizzkeyna akan join ... huhu ~~~ support akk dr blkang ok !