Feb 22, 2013


it's already 1.30 am and i still wake up with my fresh eyes . i don't feel like sleeping so i search for a korean drama and japanese drama . just now i watched for a horror movie - bunshinsaba - and it's quite scary . and now i'm watching playful kiss . the heroin is so pretty and cute and has a big eyes , the hero is so handsome and cool just like oguri shun . 
tomorrow i've to work but i still open my eyes ... haha ~~ i don't know what's wrong in me ! 
oh yup my parent are having a meeting right now with uncle salleh about naning's heritage . yeah my parent this lately are so busy with naning's heritage . usually the meeting will end around 2 am ... sometimes at 12 am . hurmm it's all about the inherit ... 

oh okay i'm sleepy now and i want to go for bed . tomorrow i have to wake up early in the morning . hurmm kalau lah hari ahad ... okay bye till the next entry ~~~
good night and have a sweet dream all of u ! - in love with mizushima hiro - <3<3<3 ouhhh !

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