Dec 5, 2012

khas untuk kawan aku ~~~

okay i just want to share a story with you alls about my friend . her name is amiera azman . although we are not close but i love her as my friend . about her ? she is so nice , sweet , has a soft heart as herself , pretty , and everything . she is so perfect according to me . i know everybody is not perfect but to me she is much perfect . why she has a soft heart ? this is because she never angry or mad when every person makes her feeling hurt . if i was close to her , i will be the most lucky person . she love to give speech about religious and give opinion and she is open minded . she is brutal a little bit ... she always listen to anybody problems ... she is very kind . 
well she has two best friends that is always be with her . they are laila and fazira . they are pretty kind too but too brutal . huhu ~~~ they are so cute and kind . i hope your friendship will be last long okay ! 

p/s : honestly , i really want to have a friend like miera but i could not find one and i really want to get close with her but i could not ... i don't know why maybe I may not be eligible to be friends with her .. but i will try to find one someone like miera ... ;')

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