Dec 5, 2012

i'm getting bored

soooooo bored ... i don't know what else i'm going to do ! k-pop ?
hurmm i think so but i need to practice more .. oh yeah one more thing about me ... i love k-pop and sometimes i dance like them ... huhu ~~ 
full house ? hurmm i don't think so ... hana yori dango ? hurmm speechless 
well what else ?? 
hurmm this evening i watched cinta vlog at youtube ... not bad 
wawa zainal as a heroin and aliff aziz as a hero ... vlog is almost like a blog ! but it is a video 
well who are interest in watching them you can search there cinta vlog full movie .. 
i watched only for half because i had so much work to do ... great i want to dance ... LOL

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