Dec 5, 2012

i'm full

huh in the morning i cooked fried rice ... and it was so delicious . 
and i add for 4 plates .. hahaha i'm going to be fat soon ... ouh i don't want !!!
well tonight my mother and my younger sister cook maggi and it has a great taste . but i only ate 1 plate because i'm so full . and then i ate some biscuits with margerin and strawberry jam .. omg it has a good taste . and drank with tea ... lol
so the conclusion is i ate too much today .. haha bored 
if i get bored i will eat and eat ... playing game on computer ? huihh bored too ... GTA vice city
- mission failed - internet bored - playing a kid games - fashion and youtube ... i don't know what to search on it ... LOL 
hana kimi was already done ! so what am i going to watch ? what am i going to search a song ? hurmm today i feel bored . and at this evening i was sleeping for 2 hours ... hahaha tonight i'm not going to be sleepy ... i'm not sleeping beauty ... absolutely not !! 

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