Jul 21, 2011

haiYaaa ...

hey i just came back from my school ... i should be fasting today but i can't and i feel very upset ... wow ramadhan's month is around the corner and i feel so happy and i hope i can fasting on the first ramadhan so that i will feel very excited ... ouchh what's more sis ?? are you having fight with your best friend just about a boy ?? heychh ... ouh it's about my two sis are fighting again ... hey why you don't want to tell me ?? am i not your sister ?? ouh it's okay maybe you need your own time i hope we can see tomorrow ... hey come to school okay so that we can talk over and over again okay ... ouh my two sis are only 15 years old and they are having fight because of one boy ... i don't know but fifah told me ... hurmm don't act like this you are bff you two shouldn't be like this way and i'm very dissapointed and frustated ...ouchh why sis?? why ??
another problem my friend had been cheated by this boy ... this boy is her ex and i just can't believe it ... i'd expected that boy is just want to take advantage on my friend and she is really upset right now ... i'd advice her many times not just once but thousand time and she didn't want to listen and she love her bf so much ... huihh and at last she'd been cheated by him ... i thought this wouldn't happen and what i'm thinking all this time was wrong but now it's fact ... hey don't behave like satanic can you ?? boy can't we(girls) trusted 100 % ... right ?? who say yes i support you 100 % who said no it's up to you ... maybe not all boys but some boys could do that ... hurmm haiyaa so many problems i have to face right now and i've to coping it ... eventhought it's all about my two sis ...ouh whatever ... hurmm ='(
okay let's just cool down and behave like nothing happen and tomorrow you can see them okay keyna !! okayh3 ... inhale , exhale 3 x ... okay feel relieve now ... toink3 and my head is spinning around ... headache !!i must help them because they are my sisters and my friend ...

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