Jul 20, 2011

AlaHaii ...

tomorrow 2 orang indonesian will coming to work under my parent ... hurmm indonesian ?? huhu~~ whatever asalkan ada pekerja untuk help out my mom yang tengah sesangat busy same goes with my daddy ... hurmm baru cakap pasal daddy aku and he is coughing right now i mean 'tersedak' huhu ... i talk a good things about him not bad things okay don't misunderstand okayh ?? 
i just have complete my homeworks ... history homeworks ... just a simple note i've to do and it's complete and i'm very happy and satisfied also thankful to cikguazid's note ... beliau banyak menolong aku dalam buat nota ... huhu ~~ =)
okay wanna go to bed before that i want to drink my tea first ... ouchh it's almost 11 am ... ngee ~~
pagi tadi bangun 4.30 am and i tidur balik then bangun 5.30 am aku fikir nak tidur lima minit lagi but aku dah ter over lima minit ... aku bangun pukul 6.15 am ... huhu ~~ luckily hari rabu kalau hari lain hurmm ... okay besok2 jela aku continue writing okay ... daa ~~~

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