Mar 1, 2011


okayh firstly i want to say sorry to my friend because maybe i'll not going to your party coz my daddy couldn't sent me there and it's too far from my house...i really sorry but i'll try discuss with my daddy and talk to him nicely...well if i can't go i will not forget to buy ur present lorhh!!

i really in bored situation,,,T__T
hurmm today hani's movie is the last episode...
hani died at young age and irfan live happily together with his wife,aliah,,,she is hani's best friend too
well her envious towards hani dah pun dissapeared...
my friend ask me to find this puisi ost ada apa dengan cinta...aku x taw mane satu yang die nak so aku ambil lagu ada apa dengan cinta yang puisi die tuh tentang seseorang tajuknya...yang die nak ada apa dengan cinta so i took the movie's song....melly goeslow nyanyi yang puisi tentang seseorang tuh aku x taw sape yang bawa....papep0wn lagu die best jugak...huk huk

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