Dec 4, 2010


well i ave no fb,and maybe my ms have been blocked so if anything juz vsit my website that is

i donnow why my father prevent me for signup fb all i know is it's juz for my own goodness and benefit...yeah "zaman sekarang" anything can i juz listen to my father if i disagree what he done he would be angry wif me..if i signup quietly without my daddy known he can check everything from computer programmer...i donnow how he do i don't dare...i juz follow his instructions...if he say no forever will be no for me..maybe i will have fb n all that when i'd finished my spm...juz like my bro... my old friends and my best friend i miss u much...when we can meet each other i also donnow how..or maybe we will not meet again till we have grown up...but i want to meet ya for the last time..well i will start a new life and i will change to a better person maybe...huhu~~~x bley blaa doe ayt aq...terlalu puitis hahaha...don be jelez or not satisfied...huhu

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