Mar 21, 2013


can't wait for that date ! it is my payment date . i want to buy mary kay cosmetics . i found about ir when i visit kak nisakay's blog . omg she is really cute and adoring . 
i want to buy blusher, eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, foundation and etc .
actually i really interested in etude house cosmetics . but one of my friend said that that cosmetics contain alcohol so i think i don't buy it . after i've done with my cosmetics i want to buy clothes , high heels again ... haha i really into fashion and makeup . i'm a girl who is obsessed with makeup and fashion . furthermore if it is sale time . until 70 % . 
you know what i used oxy . and someone told me that oxy isn't good for our skin because it will make your skin look more dull . after i'd heard that i think after this i want to use safi . 

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