Sep 21, 2012

this year is my busiest year . i have no time for updating my blog because busy with my study . but i will always with my blog after SPM . that will be so great and i don't have to study for 3 months till i get my result . that will be my enjoying time . this monday my father will get me a pin number for matrix college . i can't wait to fill the form . hahaha my spirit is rising . 
actually i have a lot of story to be shared .... maybe it's too personal but i want to tell you something that made me very happy , grateful and this story makes me feel touching .
well .... to my one friend thanks because u have forgiven my mistakes . u don't have to feel guilty because i should have that feeling . i read her blog and she said she is sincerely forgive me ... ouh u have such a noble heart friend . if someone else is in your shoes i don't know whether she would forgive me or she will killed me . but i really grateful that u have accept me as ur friend again . nobody perfect but u really have a noble heart . u are not just cute but have a kind heart too . i'm so happy ! thank you allah because You have opened her heart to accept me for who i am . i promise ... that bitter incident will never ever happened again . that event give me a lesson . and now i can feel that friends play the important role . my friends is my family ....  and my family is my friends . without friends we are nothing . 
this entry is for my two friends that is always be my friends and never forget them .
apepun aku bersyukur sangat sebab aku dengan dia dah mula berbual and gelak sama-sama ... walaupun kitorang x serapat dulu .... 
till here ... bye and see you again

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