Jan 19, 2012

holi ... holiday

well it's holiday time for a week . ouh it's so long and must be bored staying at home without do anything but i don't have to be bored anymore cause i really have a lot of homeworks to do . and i think i can fill my time by doing my homeworks and it will not be bored . well i'm a candidate spm so i have to be more hardworking for my big exam . well so far so good my subjects except for physics . it's quite hard for me to understand it and to catch up . but i will try my best ! fight for my spm and i really want to gain straight A's and i want to go to overseas to continue my lesson there or in malaysia or anywhere else . as long as i can get the university , i mean the best university in malaysia or overseas . 
hurmm this year is my challenger year . i will fight for what i want ! my spirit for spm soon

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