Jan 1, 2011

ScHooL dAy!!

hurrmm tomorrow is my first day school and to all students...hope u all enjoy with ur first day school,,,,meet a new friend,find a new experience and many more!!okay for now let's just forget about that..
hurmm aku dah lame tak jumpe best friends aku at KL and Putrajaya....i wonder when can i meet them all??
i miss them so much,,,i'm busy here and they also busy at there but sometimes we connect through phone....sometimes we message and make a call but now not anymore,,,i really busy here with my own world n my new year....well i just donnow when i want to go there and meet them at one utama,pavillion,midvalley or where else i can meet them...i'd plan that we will meet at o.u. but xjadi coz my daddy doesn't allow me...he went there for work so i can't follow my daddy but one day i will go there with my family or anyone else...if i could!!
whatever it is "HaPpY DaY ScHooL"

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