Jan 1, 2011

So Sad..hurmm =(

my daddy didn't allow me to open youtube anymore,,,because he said music is not important the most important is study only....hurmm so sad =(
bye bye youtube...=P

hahaha i don't care about youtube i juz care about something else that i'm no longer hear someone voice,laugh,make  me smile alwayz...what's that??hurmm myself didn't know either so think about it,,,it's juz waste ur time n my time to think about that...it's not important anymore what's important to me??
the important thing ;)
1) my future is in my hand it's study hard n get the better result so i won't be that so regret
2) i want braces =)
3) i want what i want in my life it's success in my life n i can get whatever i want no matter how's the way to get it
4) nothing much-don't work hard work smart

hahaha =D
I Don'T Care About You Anymore!!!

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