Oct 6, 2011

FinaL eXam ???#

Final exam is around the corner and i have prepare for it x banyak but ade lah sikit ... it's going to be on wednesday next week and please wish me luck ... hope no fail and i can get an excellent marks for it ... i'll try as much as i can ,,, well i really hope for that because next year i'm going to be spm candidate and i will go through a difficult time and maybe i'll be update my blog for one per month .... ouchh that's not okay but what can i do that's for my best future ... ;')
i can't wait for this final exam and i hope my friends and i can do the best for 4 science nexus !
just now i'd an extra class for physics ... well i just do some excercise that teacher ask me to do it ... teacher annisa thank you for spend your time with us although you are such a busy teacher ... ouh yup my teacher is going to be a bride soon ... i donnow when but will be soon ... huhu ~~ may god bless you and live happily with your sweetheart  >-< ... 

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