Aug 4, 2011

What Happened ???

well today i'm not fasting not because i cannot but i'd vomitted this morning ... i don't know what's wrong with my stomach ... i don't have stomachache but my stomach was empty i don't know ... but i'm sahur this morning but just a little bit because i don't have any appetite to eat the food maybe because it's sambal so sambal cannot eat in the early morning right ?? but usually i'm just fine with it hurhh ... feeling regret ?? regret tu ada lah jugak but what can i do ? i just drank water cooler at school after religious subject had done ... then my stomach feel better sikit ... after i arrived home i just went to the sofa and sleep ... i'd my bodyache ... ouh just what's wrong with me ?

tomorrow i've to go to school to send this report that i'd just done ... well and tomorow evening i has to attend the study group because i'd made my promise to them to study together ... so i've to go no matter what happen ... yeah right !! of course or not they will be mad at me ... poor them ... penat2 tunggu aku sampai stayback at school ... hurmm my two sis will be there too ... today many incident had happened to me ... hurmm   =' (

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